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A railroading Thanksgiving

Turkey  Tablecloth
Turkey Tablecloth
John Cowgill

Thanksgiving has come upon us. People across the region will be traveling, and some will be traveling by train. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. As you take your train ride to your destination, there are a few people we need to be thankful for that, without them, the trains would not go anywhere.

At the train yard, you have the yard workers who take the railcars to and from the platform and put the trains together, and when the trains arrive, they take the trains apart so that the cars can be put onto other trains, or they take the cars to the maintenance shops to be worked on. You have the cleaners who clean the interior and exterior of each car. You have the maintenance workers who look over each car to make sure everything is in working order. They check the lights, the seats, the flooring, the tables, and so many others things. You have the mechanics that fix and repair the locomotives.

When you come to the station, you have the people in the ticket office who sell you your tickets. You also have the people who make the tickets and who fix and repair the ticket machines. You have the baggage handlers who load your baggage into the baggage car. You have the cleaning people who keep the platform and waiting areas clean. You have the conductors who help you get onto the train and help you find your seat. They also set up your bed in the sleeping car. You have the waiters who wait on you in the dining car, and you have the chef who cooks your food. When the train is ready to go, the engineer operates the locomotives that will pull the train along the line.

As the train rolls down the track, you have the track workers who look over the millions of miles of tracks and repair and damaged ties or rails, and you have the signal workers who make sure the signals are working properly. And when you have an emergency situation, you cannot forget the rescue workers who come to the rescue and lead everyone to safety.

You have much to be thankful for as you make your train trip to wherever you are going this Thanksgiving. Without them, you train would be derailed. Happy Thanksgiving from the DC Railroad Examiner.


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