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A quick hit: McCartney on the Beatles video game and an iTunes update

  Paul McCartney (Photo by Ruth Ward. Copyright MPL
  Communications Ltd.)

Just in case you haven't bothered to look at the Paul McCartney interview done by Entertainment Weekly that we first mentioned about a week ago and that has been quoted over and over in bits and bytes by internet newsies since, here's a summary and some observations from what little news was in it.

On the Beatles video game, he gave just a barest taste of a preview that really wasn't a preview, but it's been quoted like someone leaked the instruction book. "But I like the idea that it introduces kids to music. It’s a great thing to be immersed in. And you know, various ideas are always being brought to us [as the Beatles] where we look at it and decide, is it a good thing?" It really sounds like nothing much has been decided about the game beyond the fact that the Beatles are in it.

And when McCartney said they wanted to feature different periods of the group's music -- well, surprise, surprise! What else would you do?

As for the progress (or lack of it) with getting the group's music to iTunes, it's the same thing he's said before that negotiations with EMI are gridlocked and that the Beatles want it to happen. "I’d like to make it happen. Though I am not part of the negotiations, thank goodness," he said. Does that mean he's somewhat detached from them? Maybe that needs to change.

And McCartney said he still buys CDs. Someone has to.

Now about those remasters,  Paul ...

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  • Michelle C 5 years ago

    I'm holding my breath.

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 5 years ago

    Don't... :)

  • Patti M 5 years ago

    Well, in these economic times, what better way to boost your sales than to put in a so called interview with Sir Paul...

  • johnfan 5 years ago

    Please use the proper personal pronoun in your articles. You continually refer to yourself as "we" (see above). Unless you have multiple personalities, please use the singular personal pronoun "I" or "me." Good grammar is it's own reward.

  • Bill P. 5 years ago

    To: johnfan....."Good grammer is its own reward" is the grammatically correct way to state your observation. There is no apostrophe in "its" as it's not used as a contraction of "it is." Anyway, in reports and blogs, there is nothing wrong with using "we" as it is generally used in such media.