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A quaint West Hartford shop: A Little Something Bakery

A Little Something
A Little Something
Beth Bolton


On busy, bustling Park Road, lies a sweet little gem. A Little Something Bakery hasn't been around very long but they have staked their claim in the community. With everything from cakes to breads to cookies, there is something for everyone and as the name claims, "Sometimes you need a little something".

Learn more about the woman behind the scenes, Beth Bolton as she answers some questions we posed.

What were your favorite foods growing up? Tuna sandwich on rye bread and meatloaf.

What is your least favorite food? Bananas.

What is your beverage of choice? Red wine and Diet Dr. Pepper.

What was the most spectacular meal you have ever had? A couple years ago, for our anniversary, we went to Carmen Anthony’s in Avon. I had scallops, it was incredible!

What do you eat when you are home? Whatever my husband, Tony makes for dinner.

When did you decide you wanted to open A Little Something Bakery? Had thoughts since 2004, but took the plunge in December 2008.

What was life like before you opened the bakery? My life was organized, but the last year has been a whirlwind.

Who/what has shaped your cooking/baking the most over the years? I am not sure where I got my passion for baking, but I enjoy collecting recipes from friends and family.

What is more important for a chef- technique or ingredients? Make sure you have the best ingredients available.

What are your favorite culinary weapons in the kitchen? I love my bench scraper and microplane.

When you are not eating your own baked goods, where are you eating? I very rarely eat dessert out.

What are some recent dining and culinary trends you have been observing? Nostalgia, things that remind you of a familiar kitchen. Also, cupcakes!!

What was the most challenging products you had to make? Why? My first wedding cake. Not the baking part ,but the transportation of it. My first cake was falling apart as we were driving to the reception site. Had to stop by a local Stop and Shop and purchase flowers to cover up all the holes.

What was your worst baking disaster? Not a real disaster, but  when I was experimenting with chocolate cake recipes, I tried one that had cinnamon in it. Nobody liked it, Yuck!!!

What is the one rule or value you try to instill in all of your staff? Time management

And there you have. Stop by 335 Park Road and try "a little something".



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