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A Q&A with Kacey Leigh

What's up dear readers!? I've found yet another fantastic actor in the DMV you should know about. Her name is Kacey Leigh, and if you haven't heard of her, you'll be seeing her on your small screen or maybe the multiplex sooner rather than later! Kacey stopped by recently to tell me what's going on with her career.

Actress Kacey Leigh is on the move!
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Kacey Leigh is an actress on the move
All photos subject to copyright.

How did you get into acting?
I got into acting in 2013. It was right after my surgery for thyroid cancer when a friend approached me about an acting class in Baltimore hosted by Ken Arnold and Dan Franko and I thought, “Why not? Life is too short to not do things you’ve always dreamed of doing.” For me acting lets me express myself. I love playing roles that are total opposite of my personality because it helps me grow. I realized after being on a set for the first time that acting is something I wanted to do as a career.

Being on set makes me so happy. I love getting to know the film crew, directors, and everyone on a personal level. Hearing my little sister come to me and say she wants to be like me when she grows up and admires me so much made me want to accomplish even bigger projects. Everyone has a story to tell. I don’t just want to be an actor. I want to help people going through a tough time know that it’s never too late to start to live out your dreams. I am truly blessed and thankful for everyone who has been a mentor to me.

Q - What was your first film project and how did you get cast?
My first film project was a show called “I Want That”. I got offered to do the show and it was an amazing opportunity. I remember being told it airs in over 50 million homes and I kind of just paused and thought that’s a lot of homes. After that I realized in this business networking is the key. I have had nothing but amazing opportunities and projects come along in the past 6 months. I put my heart into every project I do. You never stop learning!

Q - What kind of roles do you see yourself playing? I can see myself doing a lot of comedy and romances but I don’t want to be known for any one type of role. If it came down to it and I needed to play a role out of my comfort zone then I would do my best job at that role. So many actors get type-cast so easily. I have the girl next door look but I could kick some ass and take names. You are not learning if you are not stepping out of the “comfort zone” you build yourself.

Q - What’s next ?
Well of course I’m going to take over the world! Haha. No, but I did just recently finish a show for an American digital cable and satellite television channel. Director Mark Marabella was so awesome to work with and his crew. Speaking a different language on set with help from coach Adam Kissinger definitely broadened my ability.

I have a few Indie films coming up. “Cold Hope” is directed by Brandon Henderickson and the “The Lonesome Trail” is directed by Arlette Thomas Fletcher and both films have very talented local actors in them, such as Donald Imm, Lamont Easter, Honey St. Dennis, Gabriel Fiorindo Bellotti and others that are looking forward to filming. I hope that my personality, work ethic and passion for acting will shine through and bring many more wonderful opportunities my way.

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