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A Puzzling Event

Mystery, fun and more!
Mystery, fun and more!

It's time to team up and travel through Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for an entertaining event that will involve puzzle solving and a lot of fun! The CityRace Urban Adventures is inviting Southern California residents to participate in a new adventure throughout the Resort and utilize teamwork as players are expected to solve puzzles, answer trivia questions and crack codes through an unique quest.

A CityRace Urban Adventure Hunt consists of teams of 2-4 members who must solve a series of clues throughout Southern Californian areas such as Santa Barbara and Hollywood. Players learn new facts about the local neighborhood and showcase their solving skills. Some rules apply. According to the CityRace website rules page "Your clues will lead you to various locations around a neighborhood of the city. Once there you'll usually need to answer a question about each location, proving you've found it." Points are given for each answer and participants are to collect items and even take a picture! This is a race as the first team to solve everything and reaches the finish line before the time limit wins!

April 27th 8:00 AM Disney California Adventure $47.50

Players will venture through areas such as the retro Buena Vista Street and the beautiful Pacific Pier, answering questions about this park.

May 18th 8:00 AM Disneyland $47.50

Get ready to travel through the nostalgic Main Street USA all the way through the futuristic Tomorrowland. Disney trivia and clues will be placed throughout the Park and is sure to be a lovely time.

For more information, check the CityRace website.

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