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A psychological thriller that will keep readers guessing

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John Mason is a normal guy who has never done anything wrong or remotely selfish in his life. Now, he is involved in the accidental death of an innocent man, and he’s not sure he can live with a heavy conscience. But, how did all of this happen? Couldn’t he have avoided it? ‘Winter Soon’ by David Michael Martin is one of those psychological novels that can make readers love and hate the characters at the same time. It has drama, suspense, a complex plot, and enough unexpected twists to keep anyone glued to the pages. Fans of mystery/suspense novels will want to read it, and then keep an eye out for more books written by the author.

The tragedy took place in May 1973, in Maine’s Moosehead wilderness. John, Meech and Hoxie decided to go trout fishing, but their trip ended very badly. A confrontation between the three friends and a game warden leads to the game warden’s death. In an attempt to protect themselves and those they love, John, Meech and Hoxie decide to bury the body, fly back to New Jersey, and forget all about it. And this is exactly what they do. By the time an investigation is set into motion, they are already home. However, John cannot live with the thought that he did something so horrible. He goes back to Greenville, the game warden’s town, in October, and what he finds out changes his life forever.

It seems that the game warden had a wife who was also pregnant. What John wants is to help the woman and maybe get her forgiveness. Even though he knows that what he did was wrong, he also knows that he is not guilty of her husband’s death. Unfortunately, everything escalates, and John ends up in a series of dangerous situations that might cost him his sanity, if not his life.

‘Winter Soon’ is one of those novels that become addictive from the first couple of pages. The underlying psychological themes make it very interesting and intriguing, and the readers are challenged to ask themselves what is right and what is wrong. John is a truly complex character who is struggling with his own demons. At first, readers might think him weak because he goes along with what his friends suggest, but then they get to see that he is, in fact, very strong and determined. He is not afraid to go back and try to right his wrongs, being fully aware that he is in danger of being discovered and that this will also ruin his friends’ lives.

There’s no doubt that ‘Winter Soon’ is a masterpiece of its genre. David Michael Martin managed to take mystery/suspense to a whole new level.


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