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A Prophetic Declaration of Peace Over The Nation of Ukraine

We stand as kings and priests of The Most High God, fully persuaded and boldly declaring "Peace Be Still" over the nation of Ukraine! Jesus' blood, we hereby apply, from border to border. We forbid evil flourishing and triumphing and cast down principalities warring against the purposes of God.

Jesus, we declare is King Eternal over Ukraine forevermore! God is her Shield and Defender!! The government of Ukraine is upon Jesus' shoulders ultimately and none other shall subvert control. We push back the forces of darkness blinding, killing and stealing a thousand different ways through the power of The Cross.

We release The Holy Spirit, The Lord of The Harvest, to invade the country, convict, shine light and draw men's hearts to absolute surrender to God Almighty! Righteousness shall prevail. God's healing glory flood across the nation bringing healing to the land. We drive out spirits of Anti-Christ, Jezebel, Hatred, Perversion, Addictions, Murder, Torment and Insanity. Lust we shut you down, take authority and drive you out with The Finger of God, in Jesus name! Stop and desist now!

Lord, send an innumerable company of ministerial angels to minister to the the heirs of salvation. Have Your way Holy Spirit. Set Your people free from slavery that they might worship You, restoring man to God and families as one. Father we ask for a Heavenly invasion and visitation from on high. Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is on Heaven.

Place the godly righteous in power and crush unrepentant evil doers in the dust. Let God arise and UKRAINE'S EVERY ENEMY BE SCATTERED SILENCED, MADE NOTHINGNESS, IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Holy Spirit expose dark deeds and evil intentions. Plunder wicked plans, strip and humiliate utterly. Exalt Your righteous to power and authority and align this nation to bless Israel all their days most loyally, according to Your Word. Set men free indeed this day. Salvation spread like wildfire and purge the land with Your fire from Heaven.

God of Thunder roar and reign royally supreme forever, we declare believing & receiving by faith with actions displayed. See our faith Great God of The Universe!!!! Come to our rescue and defense.
We cast every care, relinquish every fear, laid at Jesus' feet. Come fight for us, O King of Glory. May our children sleep in peace and live lives wrapped in serenity secure. Bring joy and laughter in our streets again King Eternal. We cry aloud unto You for You are Our One True Hope, O Mighty Hope of The Nations. We rest confidentially quieted in Your never ending faithfulness and love. May Your hand rest upon us to bless, heal, restore our souls and comfort us in the night.

We give You ALL the glory Great God Jehovah! We will be forevermore grateful for hearing our desperate prayer. Thank You for rising up to show Yourself mighty in behalf of those whose hearts are pure towards You, in Jesus' all powerful name, amen and amen.

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