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A profile of Antonio Alves and his goals as HBS Club President

Antonio Alves is the newly appointed President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club in Washington D.C
HBS Club

Antonio Alves has been appointed the new President of the Harvard Business School Club in Washington D.C and has taken the time to speak with about his priorities and goals during his time as President.

What are your top priorities during your tenure as President of the club?

Alves: The HBS Club of Washington, DC supports the Harvard Business School and its Washington-metro alumni based. Since its inception in 1933, the HBS Club of Washington, DC has organized numerous dinner meetings and networking events to galvanize the entrepreneurial spirits of Harvard graduates.

Serving as the primary meeting point for more than 4,300 local alumni, we maintain a tradition of bringing the value of our network to life through an annual event series as diverse as our alumni. From our embassy events, to our enlightening speaker series and our networking and family events, we will continue to serve alumni at all stages of their lives in distinctive and meaningful ways.
During my 2-year term, my top priorities will be to make the club more exclusive by investing in the quality of our events. Following the motto, less is more, we will focus on unique venues (places where the general public usually don’t have access); top-notch key note speakers that will promote: education, business, and networking; and leveraging the exclusive multi-cultural environment of Washington, D.C.

What role does entrepreneurship play in the work of the HBS Club? And how do you plan on getting local entrepreneurs in Washington involved in the work of the club?

Alves: Entrepreneurship is one of the areas that the Club is highly focused to support. Entrepreneurs can challenge the status quo and bring creativity to life. The HBS Club of Washington, D.C. has two initiatives specifically targeted to entrepreneurs: The first is the annual New Venture Competition, which happens in the first quarter of each calendar year, and it was created to support HBS Alumni who are starting their own business; and the second is the HBS Angel Investing Events, which aim at matching potential investors to innovative business ideas. By supporting these initiatives, we hope to help the local HBS community to reach their dreams and aspirations.

What events are you looking forward to the most during your tenure?

Alves: With the support of the HBS in Boston, we will bring at least five HBS professors to D.C in the next 12 months; we will hold our largest event of the year on October 22nd (The Global Network Night) for 400 guests; in December, there will be our First Annual Gala Fundraising Dinner, and through a partnership with our sponsors, we are planning to have a series of exclusive CEO roundtable dinners to promote business and the networking with our Club members.

All these events offer different added value to our members, from large events promoting premium networking opportunities, to intimate discussions providing exclusive access to business leaders, to focused presentations supporting continuous education. It is important to have the right balance, so we can serve our local HBS community.

These are exciting times, and I am confident that with the support of the Board, the School and with my team, we will keep improving our role as a Club and serving our members in an immeasurable way.

Antonio Alves has over 19 years of managerial experience and he has worked extensively in business development and emerging markets leading and managing successful multi-cultural teams.

He has an MBA in finance and marketing from the HEC School of Management in France and has also studied at Harvard Business School.

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