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A Priceless Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gifts
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It’s hard to miss all the Mother’s Day gift ideas, commercials, store displays that are all vying for the customers’ attention. Many are feeling the pressure to try to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift, card, flowers, and perhaps even the perfect place to take mom out to lunch or dinner.
As a mother, I know that the most meaningful of gifts by far is time with family. It’s priceless. The rest may be nice and thoughtful, but it is fluff, in my opinion.
Mother’s Day is the day that’s been set aside to honor mothers of all ages. It can be a wonderful celebration, but it can also be a time of heart wrenching reflection. I know many times mothers can feel like they are not doing a good job, or have not done a good job. It would be less than human not to second guess one’s ability to lead another little life, when so much responsibility is laid upon the mother’s shoulders. I know I’ve felt that way many times.
But with God there is always grace, or the unmerited favor that we need. I know we’ve all blown it at times, but God looks at the heart. He sees or has seen our frail efforts in the mothering of our children.
It’s certainly not an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. There’s sometimes such a struggle with finding the right balance in raising a child or children. When there is more than one, different parenting skills may work for one child, but perhaps not for another. Society seems to show that supermoms can do it all, making the average mom feel incompetent if she can’t do it all seemingly effortlessly.
And while there are many books out there offering to help in the process, the Bible offers the greatest guidelines. And it helps tremendously if the process is bathed in prayer. As human beings, we sometimes do fail our children in one way or another; there is always abundance of grace with God. The Bible declares that His mercies are new every morning. So if one day seems like a total failure, a brand new day offers hope a new beginning.
The greatest calling of a mother has is: 1.) to share God’s word, by endeavoring to live it, 2.) shine God’s light, by allowing it to shine through with mercy and grace, and lastly but in no way least, 3:) loving her children, unconditionally.
Those are priceless gifts that are proven to outshine any possible shortcomings that many mothers may sometimes feel.
The flowers, the candy, the homemade gifts and cards, and countless other creative gifts can be special. Who hasn’t enjoyed those precious gifts made by our children at school? I remember vividly being presented with those treasures. In fact, I still have them in my keepsake box, which I sometimes go through. But as much as I appreciate the cards, gifts, and flowers that I have received over the years, there is nothing that I treasure more than time spent together. Sometimes distance can make it nearly impossible to be together on Mother’s Day, but treasured as well, are the phone calls, where distance seems to fade as we talk to those we love.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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