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A preview of WWE's new show 'House of Legends'

Check out WWE's new show "Legends House"
Check out WWE's new show "Legends House"
Poster courtesy of WWE, used with permission

"WWE's new series "House of Legends," premiered yesterday on April 17, 204 and had the opportunity to meet the cast and get some scoop about the show. The series follows the lives of eight westling legends living in the same house. A special screening was held at Smith & Wollensky, a classic New York City steakhouse. The special viewing was held in a party room on the second floor. The first thing we noticed about the space was a gigantic skylight.

The show stars WWE superstars from the past including Howard Finkel, Gene Oakland, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Hart and Haacksaw Jim Duggan. Pat Patterson could not attend the event. We took some photos and then had the chance to ask the wrestlers from questions. Read our exclusive interview below.

Q: So Hacksaw what was it like filming the show?

HJD: Everything's been pretty good. It was kind of odd because you had your own camera crew - camera man, assistant camera man, sound guy, and a producer following you around all day. The deal is you gotta ignore them, just act like they're not there, but I'm like 'Hey, how's it going?'and they're like 'don't talk to the guy'.

Q: Since you guys have worked together in the past were you close with any the guys? If so what was your relationship with the other guya before filming?

HJD: Well in the dressing room you always say hello to everybody, but you don't really know anybody. So when I got to legends house they were like 'you're gonna have a roommate' I was like 'a roommate? I haven't had a roommate since college.' I was thinking maybe Hillybilly Jim or Jimmy Hart, but as I get there they're like 'Piper's your roommate and I'm like 'Piper?' ... but after that we hit it off. That's one of the stories of legend house, how close Piper and I have become. Our families are close now.

After a few minutes Piper had joined us but by that time, we had begun watching the first episode. The show had a very comedic warm hearted approach however, by the end of the episode Hacksaw and Tony atlas had a brief altercation.

On a side note, for lunch guests enjoyed a filet mingnon with cream spinach. The food was incredible and we highly recommend this restaurant. Our personal reaction to the show was we love it. The concept was great and we felt like the cast members were all fun and lovable. At the end, each guest received a special WWE 50th Anniversary Book.

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