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A preview of what is to come - Dallas snow

Here is a video that shows the type of snow many of us will see tomorrow.  Since temperatures will be around freezing, we will likely see wet snow (big fat flakes).  This is the kind that is good for building snowmen or making snowballs.  It also weighs down trees though.

Winter Storm Watches have been posted from Myrtle Beach to Aiken to Atlanta and southward.  Again during the day tomorrow much of that area will see 2-4 inches of snow.  North of the Watch area, moisture will be limited so look for a dusting to 2 inches.  North of Gatlinburg, Hickory or Concord, don't look for much more than a flurry from this one.  Enjoy the rare southern snow in Columbia, Augusta, and Macon.  Pensacola might see their first measurable snow in over 30 years tomorrow!  Cherish the wintry fun tomorrow, but be careful on the roads!


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