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A preview of The Preview: Atlanta's urban wear and skate wear tradeshow

Demetrius Tatum and Trinidad James at The Preview tradeshow
Demetrius Tatum and Trinidad James at The Preview tradeshow
Erin Kyle Photography

Demetrius Tatum has been in the urban wear business for more than 15 years, so when it was time to pursue his own endeavors he put in a few calls and made it happen. Tatum along with three others from Puma, Rocawear, and Parish Clothing launched The Preview, a urban and skate wear tradeshow based in Atlanta. The Preview began a year ago, and has more than doubled in size carrying some of the most sought after and exclusive urban wear brands like T.I.’s Akoo, Trinidad James’ Gold Chain Gang clothing, Vampire Life and more. Tatum says his success is largely due to his tenure in the game, but also a firm understanding of the market.

“The four of us came together collectively and we felt there was a void in the market,” Tatum says. “I come with a good reputation and a good name behind myself. I’ve worked for quality brands like Nike, New Balance and Parish, so when I came and gave my speech to these guys they said 'We’re all in.' It’s actually a blessing that so many brands are coming together and flying out here for the trade show. We’re growing. We started with 20 brands and now we’re up to almost 300 clothing lines.”

The Preview is the first urban and skate wear tradeshow in the Southeast providing vendors with a less expensive booth cost than Magic in Las Vegas and the experience of seeing the clothes worn on its target market. Tatum says Atlanta is a hot bed for urban brands and style, so launching the event in the southern metropolis made sense.

“A lot of rappers have their own clothing lines and Atlanta being a hub for a lot of celebrities it even made more sense to do the trade show here,” Tatum says. “Jeezy is definitely a supporter of the tradeshow; he’s got his brand 8732, T.I’s supports the tradeshow; he’s got Hustle Gang and Akoo, Trinidad James is another one that comes to the tradeshow. At any given moment any celebrity might come through.”

This season, attendees can shop skatewear like Crooks & Castle, Huf Skate, Diamond Supply DGK and more. Those who are interested in urban wear can find popular brands like LRG, Akoo, Trukfit, Ecko and more. What makes this season exciting is the new lines that will be available. Tatum says retro collections are making a comeback.

“Cross Colours is coming back. It’s crazy because what’s trending is a lot of archive products, so you’ll see a lot of brands from like Fila bringing back the old Grant Hill's, Mutombo Adidas and Patrick Ewing's,” Tatum explains. “Cross Colours was a brand I looked up to when I got in the industry, so when I got that call that they were back I was like whatever I can do to support you guys. Brands like Karl Kani and Cross Colours are the reason why we’re here today so I pay total homage.”

Other new brands include D.C. based Michael Cherry, Miami based Fly Supply and Atlanta based Honorable Clothing among others. Tatum says he supports homegrown brands and is particularly anxious to debut his own clothing line, Publik Trust. The collection consists of crewneck sweatshirts and t-shirts inspired by Mumbai and the middle eastern culture. The shirts are made of 100% cotton with some sublimation printed shirts that are 80% polyester/ 20% cotton blend to bring out the colors on the fabric. Tatum says he pulled a lot of colors from their Arabic culture and also used the elephant as a logo for it’s symbolism of strength, power and unity.

“I’ve been putting my brand together for a couple of years now. Just working with so many talented people in the industry and really getting to know the ins and outs of the business and by the success of The Preview tradeshow I felt it was time to launch Publik Trust. The line is going to be huge we’ll be at Wish ATL and Moda 404. I’m super excited to show the full collection of Publik Trust.” Tatum explains. “I always liked the word Publik because I feel like we’re in the public eye everyday and when my lawyer and I were playing with words to compliment Publik and I saw trust it was self explanatory. At the end of the day I feel like the consumer is putting their trust in us to lead them.”

The Preview

9am -7pm

Monday Oct 7


Tuesday October 8

Georgia International Convention Center

2000 Convention Center Course

Exhibit Hall C

Atlanta, Ga 30337

For more info go to

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