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A Presidency of comparisons

It goes without saying that every American president is usually compared to the previous or the last best president of his party.

Eric K. Shinseki
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

It is also no secret that most presidents (and politicians as a whole) are competitive personalities and as such are constantly comparing themselves or their policies to that of others.

Our current president however, seems to have won the proverbial contest of being the comparison champion.

From day one of his first presidential campaign, President Obama began the great comparison between himself and George W. Bush and himself and Abraham Lincoln.

As the campaign progressed it was all about what George Bush had done wrong and what he (Obama) would do right.

In recent days, it seems this air of competitiveness via comparing has taken a new twist with the president attempting to dismiss his actions concerning the Veteran’s Administration and his direct negotiations with terrorist.

Regarding the VA, the president accepted the resignation of Eric K. Shinseki as secretary of veterans affairs last Friday. Shinseki, like many other Obama administration appointees in trouble and planning to retire anyway, decide to resign in order to escape both indictment and media attention; their name forgotten within days of the resignation.

In making the announcement, the president emphasized that his VA director had advanced the Veteran’s Administration more than any previous administration’s VA director; of course implying that his director was better than that of his predecessor, President Bush.

Like everything in this administration of excuse and blame game, it hasn't stopped with comparison of the VA directors.

In recent days the president exceeded his authority and negotiated directly with terrorist in order to obtain the release of U.S. soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who had been held hostage by the Taliban for the past five years.

He along with Secretary of State John Kerry, allowed the release of five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo via the nation of Qatar in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl.

The response from pundits as well as congress was livid over such an act by an American president; never has such a weakened act been taken by an American President with those who are our enemy.

Supporters of the president were all too willing to make comments insinuating that the building of the Guantanamo detainee facility by President Bush was what caused the entire problem in the first place.

The president is apparently trying to appease his far left supporters who have not been thrilled with his keeping the Guantanamo facility open after promising to close it as one of his first presidential acts.

So the opportunity arises to get rid of five detainees with one swift Presidential order while at the same time possibly gaining some marks with his less than supportive military for bringing home a captured soldier which many say actually was a Taliban sympathizer who abandoned his post.

The comparison continues with the idea of, "if Bush built it then certainly Obama can break it".

Again, what was supposed to have been the presidency of transparency has turned into one of cover up, corruption and comparison?

Enough is enough and the Congress and Senate should do everything possible to hold this President responsible for these terrible and egregious acts against the American people.

© 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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