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A prepper lifestyle helps you to save money

There are many ways that being a prepper saves you money.
There are many ways that being a prepper saves you money.
Dan Vale

This article will give hard facts and figures that should convince most people of the ability of preppers to save money when they follow their prepper lifestyles.

The first example with hard facts and figures has to do with prepper gardens. Preppers often supplement their food supply with food from their gardens. Gardening is not only a joy, but also is very profitable, according to a scientific study by Gail Langellotto . In her study, she found that gardeners saved anywhere from $154.80 to $2, 2927.80 in a growing season. Since it is less expensive to maintain gardens than to establish them, the economic benefits of the gardens increased in subsequent years.

Also, she found that the most economically beneficial garden crops were:

  1. Salad greens.
  2. Tomatoes.
  3. Beets.
  4. Broccoli.
  5. Potatoes.
  6. Strawberries.

Preppers often buy in bulk and stock up on food. This makes sense in light of the rapidly rising food prices. Buying food in bulk now and stocking it means preppers will not only take advantage of bulk purchases, but also will not have to pay higher prices when they eat the food.

Serious preppers take care of their health. That means not only fewer doctor and hospital bills, but also even the possibility of medical insurance discounts.

One of the ways preppers take care of their health is through exercise. Serious preppers have the ability to exercise at home during a disaster. Doing exercise at home year round can save much money. A year’s gym membership for a family costs about $900.00. The one-time cost of a home gym however, will probably not exceed $1,000.00. The home exercise equipment in the preppers’ homes is a constant reminder that family members need to exercise.

Serious preppers go camping during vacations. Camping can not only be good bug out practice, but also can save preppers much money on vacation costs. The cost of a camping vacation is about $380.00, compared to the cost of an average vacation estimated at $1415.00. More expensive vacations can cost as much as $12,630.73.

What other ways do you preppers save money?

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