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A pre wedding interview with Kathryn and Mark

Chit-chatting about wedding plans, it's what I do best. So when Kathryn and Mark were putting their planning into full gear, I thought I would ask some questions about their big day.

ceremony hall
Koop wedding
Kath Koop

How long have you and Mark known eachother? Where did you meet?

Mark and I have known each other for 10 years. My friend, was friends with Mark’s friend, and we all went up to a cottage together. We actually met in the kitchen before we headed up north and when we first met we both stopped and literally had a ‘love at first sight’ moment- a genuine flash of unknown recognition. The time was not right for the two of us at the time though and we remained extremely good friends.

When did you get engaged? How did he propose?

We got engaged 3 years ago on Valentine’s Day. Mark had taken me out for dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Mistura and then he took me for drinks at Canoe which is on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower. He wanted to take me to a third place but I was ready to head home. When we got home the house was filled top to bottom with rose petals and candles (which he had my mom come and light just before we got home) and streamers on the walls- which was so dorky and so sweet all at the same time. He popped some champagne, I sat down at the dining room table and then all of a sudden before I knew it, he was on bended knee! I’m pretty sure I screamed ‘YES’ and then followed that up with many sultry kisses and a whole lot of tears and phone calls. It is still by far one of the best days of my life.

What has been the best/most fun/most memorable thing about planning your big day?
The worst/most stressful??

The best most fun/most memorable thing happened to be the same as the worst/most stressful thing. Mark and I decided to take on quite a few DIY projects for the wedding. The centrepieces, all of the décor, minus the head table backdrop and 4-post alter, the menus, programs, invitations, wedding favours. You name it and we made it! The designing and shopping and even creating was absolutely amazing. We each brought something different to the crafting equation and it was a huge success! But then figuring out how to transport 18 large manzanita trees, 8 tubs of décor and a hell of a lot of boxes with candles, votives, and crafting supplies was quite the task! We ended up having to rent a panel van so that we are able to load everything in all at once.

What was the one thing you absolutely HAD to include in your wedding plans? The one thing you absolutely DIDN'T want involved in your plans??

Mark and I definitely needed to make sure that our wedding embodied the values of true love and expression that we so believe in. We have stayed genuine to the people that we are and are both really proud of that. We didn’t want it to include any religious aspects and actually went with a Humanist Officiant based on her really beautiful beliefs.

Have you always dreamed of a big wedding or a small wedding? How many people will be in attendance at your wedding?

To be honest, I never dreamt of my wedding, but more so of the man that I wanted to marry. I would ALWAYS wish on my birthday candles every year, to meet someone who loved me for me and was funny and genuine. My birthday wish came true and now I have new wishes each year that involve the man of my dreams. We have 147 guests in attendance at the wedding.

What are your wedding colours? How have you used your colour scheme in your planning?

Our wedding colours are gun metal grey, white, pearl and crystal which you can see throughout all stages of the planning process.

Are you giving out favors?? If so, what are they? If not, why did you make this decision?

We are giving away 2 favours- a handmade fabric flower with a crystal that has almond candies on the inside and a small crystal photo frame that has everyone’s table number on it. I was lucky enough to shop wholesale and I immediately knew what was right when I saw it.

Are you having a DJ or a live band play at the reception?

We have a live classical guitar and keyboard for the ceremony and a DJ with an MC for the reception.

Did you write your own vows?

We did write our own vows. We actually tape recorded ourselves riffing to each other about the things we love and we composed our vows from those recordings. (Separately so that they are still a surprise though.)

Describe your venue.

It is a gorgeous mansion on the top of a hill with a pond that has swans in it! If ever I were to dream about what my wedding venue would be, this by far surpasses it. We actually attended a wedding there last year and decided that it was totally right for us too.

Describe your relationship with Mark up to this point. How do you see marriage affecting your relationship?

This will definitely sound cheesy but I would describe my relationship with Mark up to this point, as a dream. I really and truly know what unconditional love is and for that my life to me, is considered complete. Yes I of course cannot wait to keep living especially with Mark by my side, but I know how lucky I am to feel like I do. Mark and I have been common law for 2 years so I really feel like life will be the same but have a deeper meaning. I cannot wait to constantly say “my husband Mark…”! I am giddy just thinking about it!

What was your budget? Did you stay on budget?

Let’s just say that we won’t be going out for dinner anytime soon! We did a really good job saving money by doing a lot of DIY projects, but we spent a pretty penny on our special day.

Congratulations to Kathryn and Mark! They had a gorgeous wedding, be sure to check out the slideshow of their beautiful day!

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