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A Prayer for the Primary Elections

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Dear God,

Help us to do the right thing for ourselves, our loved ones and all others that we share our communities in local, state and federal governments.

Thank you for those that did early voting and participated by voting via mail with absentee ballots. Now we have come to this day of August 26 to finalize where possible the business of parties in closed elections of the Democrats and Republicans; let the participation of Independents, et al in non-partisan races speak volumes in making the right choices.

We ask that integrity and conviction of purpose will be key factors in all decisions made and that after all votes are tallied that we move forth to bring final conclusion for those races which must be taken to the general election on Nov. 4th.

Let the will of the majority be seen and understood by all that in a democracy it is the majority vote that entitle us all to a piece of the American Dream where we bake American pies for all to partake in productive ways to strengthen our country mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and economically that we all prosper in all ways regardless of our differences, similarities and variations.

For those that believe in a supreme being, for those that are agnostic or atheist, let us remember that whatever choices we make through our voting efforts, we must all work together to make all outcomes positive results for the unity and continuity of a nation that is viewed by the world as a guiding light for ourselves and for other nations.

Let us be patient, yet full of hope for great expectations through our work and support of each other together. We pray this prayer in earnest that it will be so.

Success and Amen!