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A Police-Murder in Ferguson, Missouri: The ugly side of living in America


Unarmed and executed by a Ferguson Police Officer.
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To the reader:

Let there be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of this article’s commentary.

Unequivocally and unapologetically the intention of this commentary is to pull back the “velvet curtain” and unveil to the world the “ugly side” of living in America as it pertains to millions of African-Americans who are constantly being underestimated, undervalued and marginalized {Thank you Joe Madison for driving the bus} by Negrophobic yahoos who feel threatened by “The browning of America”.

The truth is the far majority of Americans could care less about their neighbor’s and co-worker’s skin color, however, it would be foolish NOT to believe that a nefarious coven of losers who pretend to be American patriots and defenders of the U.S. Constitution, have (while we politically slept) infiltrated our local, state and federal governments.

Their political victories have ushered in the passing of legislation / policies that have a long-lasting and negative impact on Black, Brown and poor White communities throughout the United States.

The only way to defeat the sons and daughters of the confederacy and the sons and daughters of the John Birch Society is to organize and vote them out of office, beginning with local elections.

Never be afraid to ask a political candidate what they specifically represent and what their vision for your community / America looks like.

It’s imperative for our future and the future of our children that we register to vote and cast our ballot. The Fall senatorial and congressional elections are rapidly approaching, don’t fall for the conservative “Oakie Doke” that lulls you into believing that your vote does not count and has little effect on your life. In reality your vote is priceless.

Question: How is it possible that Blacks who comprise nearly 70% of Ferguson, Missouri’s population are grossly underrepresented as members of the city’s police force, the city council, and school board?

Answer: A large percentage of Blacks in Ferguson have been hoodwinked and bamboozled into believing their vote does not count AND adding “insult to injury”, not enough “preachers” are emphasizing the need for their parishioners to be active in local politics .

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…so help me God

In the United States it doesn’t matter if you’re from the affluent and gated communities of Beverly Hills, California or if you’re from the poverty stricken Lower 9th Ward located in New Orleans, Louisiana, …if you’re Black or Brown-skinned living in America and a White police officer / deputy sheriff / state trooper stops you for ANY reason, it’s not outrageous to say with ardent conviction that statistically you only have a few seconds to make that White “officer-of-the-law” feel “totally comfortable” before your life expectancy begins to significantly diminish.

To the naysayers who vehemently disagree that in the year 2014 a large segment of African Americans are STILL being targeted for extinction and enslavement by an evil consortium of Neo-Confederate Whites, corrupted courts, a penal system that’s resupplied by a “school-yard to prison-yard” pipeline and last but not least, a multitude of racist police departments that view “confrontational” African Americans as “animals”… let the record reflect that it’s because of people like YOU that a small but nevertheless despicable element of Negrophobic White Americans are allowed to literally get away with murder and mayhem that literally threatens the security and future of our nation.

To the fake residents of Ferguson, Missouri who burn and loot the very neighborhoods that must sustain the citizens of Ferguson long after the “smoke clears” and the “wheels of justice” begin to turn in order to render closure for the murder of Michael Brown, “You’re a disgrace and a bunch of punk bitc@!!”. (expletive) Only a coward vandalizes and burns down his / her own neighborhood. If you want to impress the world with your “courage” and “commitment” go and vandalize / burn down the Ferguson, Missouri Police Station. If you do, I guarantee lyricists and poets will one day write songs about you.

To the countless law-abiding citizens of Ferguson, Missouri who stood defiantly between would-be looters and the stores they protected, a sincere, “Thank You”.

To Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, “Stand up like a man and show moral courage by firing St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch, he’s biased and in addition to having absolutely no appetite to indict Michael’s Brown’s murderer, he’s no friend to the residents of Ferguson, Missouri”.

“A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a soldier only dies once.” – 2PAC

In the News

Over the last 8 days connoisseurs of “U.S. and World News” have hypnotically tuned in to their favorite cable / satellite News station(s) and in amazement witnessed the small city of Ferguson, Missouri, a municipality that’s approximately 18 miles from St. Louis, Missouri, erupt in anger and despair over the senseless murder of an unarmed local 18 year-old Black youth named Michael Brown by a White Ferguson police officer who from every witness account, lawlessly used his authority as a police officer to callously end the life of Michael Brown.

According to multiple witnesses, police officer Darren Wilson, a six-year police veteran, after allegedly stopping Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson for “walking in the street”, soon thereafter for unclear reason(s), gave chase to both Michael and Dorian, shooting at them and ultimately hitting Michael Brown at least once.

Statements from at least three eye-witnesses confirm that Michael Brown who appeared to be wounded by officer Wilson’s gunfire, after initially running from the officer, soon fell to his knees while simultaneously holding his arms and hands upwards in the “universally accepted” gesture of “I submit / I surrender”.

Incredulously as if from a scene in a gangster-movie, Officer Wilson in broad daylight shoots an unarmed and capitulating Michael Brown several times, killing him cold bloodedly in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

Question 1: “Does a police officer’s solemn oath to “Serve and Protect” the public mean something totally different in Ferguson, or St. Louis, or New York City or New Orleans, or Los Angeles or Miami or anywhere Black, Brown and poor White folk reside in America”?

Question 2: “Does statistical data / evidence exist that prove that the Ferguson Police Department has a history of wrongfully discriminating against its Black and Brown citizens?”

Question 3: “Why was Michael Brown’s body left in the streets for hours before it is removed?” Is it a wonder that the world has now begun to ask, “What’s wrong with the Ferguson Police Department and with state government in Missouri”?

Of important note

Over the last few decades due to school integration and “White-Flight”, Ferguson like many cities in the United States has evolved demographically from being predominantly White to now having a majority Black population. Of important note, during the early 1970s, Ferguson was 99% White; however in 2014, Blacks now comprise nearly 70% of the municipality’s population.

Incredulously in a small city that is predominately Black and Brown, only 3 out of 53 police officers in Ferguson, Missouri are Black. Police Chief Thomas Jackson who is also White completes the totally lopsided / unbalanced “scale of justice” that oversees and over shadows police activities in this small city that’s only twenty minutes outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

From the beginning, the murder of Michael Brown has incited nation-wide anger over what appears to be the strong return of “Jim Crow-Justice” throughout the United States.

From the moment Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson decided to inject intimidation into the psyche of local residents who protested Michael Brown’s murder by deploying approximately 75 military-garbed and military-equipped police officers near “ground zero”, the “fuse” was lit to detonate an angry explosion of rhetoric between the community of Ferguson and police.

What cannot go unnoticed or unreported is the beautiful bond / solidarity that exists between the Black, Brown and White citizens of Ferguson. Ferguson is a thriving and growing metropolis that deserves better voter participation and better leadership.

Seeing Ferguson policemen wearing military garb while brandishing military assault-like weapons while standing next to vehicles whose design were made to withstand the blasts of bombs and the bombardment of bullets, conjure images of confrontation between Palestinians and the Israeli army and of Alabama’s infamous Commissioner of Safety, Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connors who ruthlessly ordered Birmingham police officers and firemen to use physical violence , water cannons and attack dogs against Black and White protestors of Alabama’s Jim Crow laws in 1963.

Police Chief Jackson is not only a disgrace to the uniform he wears for inciting violence in the same city that he has sworn to protect and serve, but he’s also incapable of managing a major crisis. Again, who elected him?

The two brightest glimmers of hope shining through “darkened Ferguson skies” have been the establishing of Captain Ron Johnson from the Missouri Highway Patrol as “Head of Security” and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Captain Johnson, who is both an African-American and grew up in Ferguson, Missouri, is everything in a leader that Chief Jackson is not. His genuine love for Ferguson and its residents is well received by the people who call Ferguson, Missouri home. With the aid of local organizations that stood guard over local stores and helped calm down angry protestors, Captain Johnson and his Highway Patrolmen have restored a fragment of “police trust” in Ferguson.

In regard to the other glimmer of hope, Eric Holder’s U.S. Attorney General’s Office has dispatched dozens of federal agents to investigate Michael Brown’s untimely demise and the Ferguson Police Department. The citizens of Ferguson are right….why hasn’t police officer Darren Wilson been arrested / indicted for the murder of Michael Brown? Why hasn’t St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch indicted Darren Wilson? Are not eye-witnesses from Ferguson who saw officer Wilson execute Michael Brown in the streets credible enough for McCulloch?

In closing, the far majority of Americans are “hip” to played-out “Good old boys tricks” that involve sullying the name and character of the victim. Michael Brown’s possible involvement with stealing cigarillos from a local store has absolutely nothing to do with him being gunned down in the streets by an officer of the law. Since when is it legal for a police officer to anoint their self as our judge, jury and executioner? Michael Brown was unarmed and had surrendered to officer be shot dead in the streets like a rabid animal is not only wrong, it’s immoral. Governor Nixon “has it twisted”, it’s not the looters who are the greatest threat to the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri, it’s the Ferguson Police Department.

Our deepest prayers go out to the family and friends of Michael Brown. To Michael Brown’s mother and father, “The world knows that your son was murdered by a policeman…the world is watching”. “Hands up don’t shoot.”

As always, the New Orleans Examiner is interested in what you think. Why hasn’t police officer Darren Wilson been arrested for the murder of Michael Brown and why hasn’t St. Louis County DA Robert McCulloch indicted officer Wilson as well? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Until next time, Good day, God bless and Good fishing.

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