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A police dog story with a happy ending

Our dogs are the light of our life and many of us do not look and see past the companionship or an individual’s working dog. However there are many working dogs that protect and serve to better our way of life. Many of us come into contact with police dogs or security dogs, sometimes drug sniffing dogs or bomb dogs; however, we really don’t seem to give much thought to this animal. Recently I was following a news story regarding a police dog that had been injured by a person breaking the law. The dog was treated and given a clean bill of health by the medical experts. Most of the time when a police dog is hurt they must spend a specific amount of time retraining before going back into the field with the officer.
This dog did just that and was cleared for full duty. However, upon returning to work, the dog and his human partner were called to search for a person who had stabbed another person. Upon arrival at the scene the dog was ready for work and all seemed fine, until the scent was picked up and the dog was on track. After becoming separated from the handler, the dog became lost. Many hours were spent looking for the dog and of course the handler/officer thought the worse. Many of the dogs wear a tracking device and this dog had had one on, however the dog and the tracking device had become separated.
It was the next morning, the dog was found (by police officers still in the search for the lost dog) sleeping in a residential yard. Of course no one really knows what all transpired during those hours lost but one thing is certain, the dog will go through recertification again. It is so nice to have a happy ending.

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