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A Pokemon fighting game could handle held items, leveling-up and mega evolutions

The thought of "Pokken Fighters" is just too cool an idea to let sit unattended. With plenty of features from the handheld series that can be implemented rather easily to a Wii U fighter, let's discuss how some of the staples would work. All about retaining the fun from the original series, but moving into the fighting genre seamlessly, this game has a myriad of potential.

A Pokemon fighting game could handle held items, leveling-up and mega evolutions-slide0
A Pokemon fighting game could handle held items, leveling-up and mega evolutions

Items: If a character has King's Rock as a held item for instance, you'll see it on him and know that this fight will be different. Same thing goes for other items such as a Zap Plate or even a Mega Stone. HD gaming has allowed more attention to finer details and considering the level of visual depth in a game like “Wind Waker HD,” the Pokemon series could take advantage of this as well.

TMs: Much like the acquiring of new Pokemon system outlined in our other piece on the gameplay possibilities of a Pokemon fighting game, new moves could be attained after beating trainers as rewards. They could also be bought in a store in-game with in-game currency. Using these methods would make it super simple to update your pocket monsters' moveset.

Speaking of movesets, the same system in play now could work in a Pokemon fighting game. As a Pokemon grows, it learns more moves. However, there would be minimal need to forget moves. Separating strikes from special moves and more elaborate physical attacks, gamers would/could assign moves like Slash, Scratch and other similar moves to buttons and have other maneuvers like Thunderbolt or Hyper Beam for instance, unlocked with a button sequence like Guile's Sonic Boom move in "Street Fighter." The end result would allow much more move diversity than the RPG series.

Leveling-Up: This would give you some incentive to develop your team ad retain some of the tried and true gameplay features that have worked so well for the past three decades. It would work rather easily. Win a round, get XP and level up. If all the Pokemon are in the game and there's a story-based mode, this should come together rather easily. The level 100 system could still be used and characters could still get access to new moves with higher levels.

Mega Evolutions: This could work in a few ways. One could be a timer-based system activated by the gamer at any time or one that must be initiated after winning a round or filling up a combo meter of sorts.

So what do you think of these idea? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.