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A Poem: Teachers get no respect

Teachers were always treated with respect due the best,
Now their life stinks because of teaching to the test.

The so-called reformers think they know what is right,
Teachers might lose their jobs so they don’t want to fight.

The teachers unions really don’t stand up for their own,
Politicians and media don’t say what is really known,

That teachers are never consulted but know what should be done,
School has become a place with all learning and no fun.

Everyone is out to get the teachers these times,
Not fully educating our children is major crimes.

Do you like what is going on in schools today?
We learned everything and in a completely different way.

Now the futures of the kids is really obscure,
Getting rid of the testing is part of the cure.

Leaving our teachers alone to do their best,
Never ever having to give another test.

Before every good teacher leaves their post,
And education becomes empty from coast to coast.

We need to accord respect to every teacher every day,
And let our teachers lead education in every way.

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