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A poem:Teachers are never on vacation and What testing has taken out of teaching

Schools may be closed for the break,
But teachers have a lot to make.

Lesson plans for the school year,
With lessons that are precise and clear.

Schedule learning so the students have the knowledge for each test,
So for the teachers the break is not true rest,

Wherever they go they still are thinking about what the kids need to know,
And about the room environment, papers to correct, and observing the students grow.

There are always ideas for discipline and management too,
A teacher’s work is never through,

Winter, spring, summer, and holidays,
Find teachers preparing their magical ways.

Before and after school and on also on breaks,
Teachers are dedicated to do whatever it takes.

Receiving pay for only 6 hours a day and for 10 months each year,
Teachers work and prepare and do what other professions would never dare.

Work without pay to do the job because they care,
It is what it is and life is never fair.


What testing has taken out of teaching:

The great feeling a teacher experiences when a student’s light goes on when they acquire a skill they struggled with.

The pleasure of sitting down on the rug and reading to or having a discussion with the class.

The time to review a skill until everyone in the class has mastered it.

The opportunity to sit and play a learning game with the children.

Teachable moments.

Sponge activities.

The teacher being revered as the ultimate authority on anything.

Listening to music while the students do their classwork.

Creating independence in the students as they work at their own pace and go from one activity to another.

Hours out of every school week that could be used to enrich and challenge the students.

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