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A Poem: Schools, what’s the matter with schools today?

Schools, what’s the matter with schools today?
First of all testing has led the schools astray.

They are solely teaching to the subjects on the test,
Anything not tested is assigned to the rest.

The rest of the subjects were important and were taught for decades before,
Now these subjects and skills have been chosen to ignore.

There is no fun in the classroom and every minute is planned in advance,
That means that teachable moments have no chance.

The teachers must move very fast and the kids don’t master the skills for life or their future grades,
They need remediation and review and practice and enrichment aides.

Senior teachers who have the sagacity and experience of their professional years,
Are leaving quite early because they can’t stand what teaching has brought them in their careers.

The billionaire reformers try to privatize public education and influence local schools and the vote,
Their experience with public education is none as we note.

The book and test publishers have a strong influence on everything,
Money and power is what makes their shareholders sing.

It’s long past time for the education revolution,
In my mind it is the only solution.

The teachers and parents must lead the fight,
And for the children do what is right.

Ignore the politicians, media, and civic leaders too,
They are not working for me or you.

They only want to scratch each others’ back,
If you challenge them they will attack.

We can change public education as it is now,
But every teacher and every parent must take a vow.

The lives of the children and their futures are at stake,
So they must fight in order to do an education remake.

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