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A Plethora of Prints for Spring 2014

Blending Patterns is Trending for Spring 2014
Photo by Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

The fashion forecast for Spring through Summer 2014 is focusing on prints in earthy tones with bursts of color throughout. Dresses are a "must have" with a mixing of patterns that are classy, chic and add a fresh look to your wardrobe. Women of all ages are sporting these show stoppers and what we once thought was a necessary call in to the fashion police is now a bold and beautiful silhouette.

"As we all know, fashion trends come and go. We have seen prints come and go throughout the years but 2014 is not just about one print. We are seeing a talented blending of prints in one design and if done tastefully, the look is fresh, fun and fashion forward. I have seen women of all ages following the print parade. That is what we are coining this mixing of prints," explains personal styling consultant, Susan Weissmer.

It is not difficult to find the "print parade" in Austin. Whether you are downtown, SoCo, or in the hill country, women are wearing prints and making their statement in the Capitol City. Most silhouettes are free-flowing dresses that are either short or maxi length but are perfect for Central Texas weather. "The loose cut of the dresses this spring is being received rather well by our customers. The solids are not selling as well as the various prints within one design. Women are going for the prints because it is a new look and the comfort of the loose fit is perfect for our weather. The minute we get a new shipment in, we need another shipment by the following week. This look is a definite for spring and summer 2014 in dresses, bathing suits, and tops. And we are highlighting all of those looks," says Kelly Steiner, a retail associate at Macy's.

Talking with students on the campus of UT at Austin, the look they are favoring for every day are tops with different prints that are earthy with dashes of bold colors mixed in with the designs.Choosing classic white or blue jeans to wear with the new fashion "print parade" looks dynamic and stylish. "One thing that is a fashion must with these prints is making sure that you wear sandals with a lot of straps,especially if you decide to wear shorts or if you are going out in one of the new designer dresses. The higher the straps go, the cooler the look is," states Sandee Davis, a sophomore at UT.

Weissmer advises women to buy the earthy tone dresses with some color for both spring and summer,2014. "The look really is artsy and bohemian-chic. Some styles are strapless or have the shoulder appeal. These dresses are making the strongest statement of all this season. The look is stylish and sexy; a perfect pairing for all women that want to be on the fashion front."

Noticing prints all around me, I know that it is time to buy a boho dress adorned with various prints. I can choose from muted prints to wild prints to bold prints. As long as the mix works well and I look good, I know that this spring and summer in Austin is going to be a colorful one. I can't miss out on the fun; time to get ready for the "print parade".

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