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A Planned Economic Collapse Coming Soon?

The Bible says that in the end days, he, the Antichrist will cause all people to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead. No one may buy or sell except those who have the mark of the beast or the number of its name.

So far, Obamacare has gotten off to a rough start. The enrollment goal for the end of March 2014, was 7,000. Even after all the problems with the initial launch of Obamacare, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathlene Sabalias, happily announced that the goal had been reached at just over 7 million enrolled. Her announcement was faced with much criticism, which may have ultimately led to her resignation.

It started with an appearance on Fox News Sunday, where Senator Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, openly claimed that Kathlene Sabalias and the White House cooked the books on Obamacare enrollment. He said that the numbers could not possibly be correct when so many people were against Obamacare. Sabalias, quickly denied these claims.

Shortly after this accusation, Sabilias announced her retirement, making it appear that Senator Barrasso was correct in his claims. But why in the world would the White House want to inflate the books on Obamacare enrollment?

The White House and the Obama Administration spent millions of dollars in ads, trying to get people aware and signed up for health care before the launch of the website. It is imperative that people think that Obamacare is great and something that they need in order to achieve success. After the launch, the enrollments numbers were not where the government thought they should be. So they went to plan B, adding new penalties to try to persuade more people to enroll before the deadline date.

These penalties will come out of next years taxes and will be very costly for those who can't afford it. Its either 1 percent of the total household income for the year, or 95 dollars per adult and 47.50 dollars per child. The 95 dollar penalty is for those who make under 19,650 dollars per year. All those with income above that will pay 1 percent of their yearly income. To make matters worse, on January 1st, there was a new Obama care tax of .9 percent, that certain individuals making over 125,000 had to start paying on their taxes starting this year.

But with only 7 million enrolled, there are still an estimated 40 million uninsured. That's a whole lot of people who will have their taxes deducted next year. But with these disappointing enrollment numbers what will happen next to persuade people to enroll, as the end goal is that all people would have health insurance? The next enrollment period is set for November 2014 and so far the Obama Administration has a long way to go in order to meet this goal.

Obamacare is only the test run for what is about to come. If advertising doesn't persuade the masses and penalties don't seem to phase them, what then will get the people to willingly sign up? And why are they so reluctant to receive health care?

Many people in this country have jobs and don't believe in government control. They still believe in the free market system. The fear is that government healthcare, just like any other government program, takes away the rights and freedom of people to decide about their own issues, their own lives.

So it seems that in order to get the enrollment numbers up on the government healthcare, the free market system must go down. An economic collapse may be the very thing needed to turn people around to the favor of government programs, forcing them to their knees. There is a very good chance that this collapse could happen before the next planned enrollment period of November 2014 to get larger enrollment numbers, and to help launch the New World Order. The penalties give consumers less buying power, helping to but a greater impact on the economy.

A form of collapse could be easily done through an act of war for instance. When it is done in this way, it looks as though the Antichrist would not be involved in the collapse itself, making the masses believe that the problem was unavoidable and inevitable. A new world government would be just the solution to fix all the problems of the world.

The Bible says that in one hour Babylon will fall. So could it be that the Antichrist, in order to gain control of the masses will cause world economies to collapse in order to take control, starting with the United States? If there are no jobs and no money, then all people will have to sign up for some kind of government help in order to eat, get health care, in order to live.

When Babylon falls, the New World Order, or one world government will rise. Then all people will receive a mark, a chip implant in their right hand or forehead. All those who accept the mark will be damned, and those who refuse will be beheaded for their faith. But after an economic collapse, it becomes easy to persuade people to do anything out of desperation. They will be completely at the power of the Antichrist.

Here is yet another sign that the tribulation hour is imminent! Jesus will be coming to save those from the tribulation hour that is soon to come. So get ready, you don't want to be left behind to be forced to make that decision to take the mark or be beheaded. Ask Jesus into your heart, and ask him to forgive you of your sins and he will save you from that which is about to come. Call on Jesus today before its too late!

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