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A planetary catch-up. Hello again!

photo courtesy of NASA

I’m back. A brief visit to the old neighborhood can’t hurt. This week we have Mars stationing and going direct. Libra and possibly the other cardinal signs will see their activities pick up the tempo. Mercury is in Gemini until May 29. Jupiter is trine Saturn through the end of the month until the first week of June when the trine separates.

Several people have commented to me about have Mars stationing and going direct. This was on Monday May 19. For example a Scorpio lady I know said she was so glad the retrograde was over. She had a bumpy period and she sounded tired and stressed out. Mars is one of her ruling planets so that explains a lot. I asked a Libra friend of mine if she noticed anything unusual about the last two months and she said no. Luckily her health has been good. But her knees are bothering her and there was the death of someone very close in her family so there was some sadness.

I always take special note of Mars because he figures so strongly in my chart and is retrograde natally as well. I used to have some rough times when I was younger. During this recent retrograde my health was good and I didn’t have any accidents, cuts, burns or bruises, thank goodness. But there were three deaths of people close to me, two of whom I was genuinely fond of. Mars has been in my 8th house, the house of death and transformation.

This is also a house of money in trust and investments. I had been mulling over a plan for some time and on the day I made up my mind to put the plan into place, May 19, Mars stationed. Well and good I told myself although I was running a little on instinct and sheer nerve rather than conscious reason. I had a Roth IRA that didn’t do very well, and being of age, I decided to cash it in and put it to good use. That same day I went car shopping and before I could blink, I had signed on the dotted line for a badly needed new car. The other planets in my chart are very favorable right now. Jupiter is positive in Cancer, my sign. Mercury is on the move, with that retrograde still a few weeks away from now. By the way, don’t buy a car or make a major purchase during Mercury retrograde. You might get a bad trade or a lemon. Don’t take chances.

I usually keep my personal business close to my chest. But I thought this was a good example of Mars. Mars is about action, making moves, and that’s just what I did. The station is the best time to move. I felt powerful, strong and determined which I haven’t felt for a long time. I didn’t exactly make a killing like winning a lottery. But I waited patiently and now I’m doing things I want to do with what I have. So if you are at some pivotal point in life, now is the time to take the leap of faith. Go on, go for the glory.

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