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A Plan for the Future - The Sustainable City Plan

Santa Monica Pier with yacht
Santa Monica Pier with yacht
Brandie Nicole Bell

The city of Santa Monica began the Sustainable City Plan as part of the 15x15 Climate Action Plan. It was designed to bring the community together by addressing the root causes of a problem not just symptoms of a problem. It will help the community think, plan and act in a sustainable way. It will also provide a criteria for evaluating the long term impacts of our choices.

The Sustainable City Plan Programs goals areas are:

  • Conserve and enhance local resources
  • Safe guard human health
  • Maintain a healthy and diverse economy
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Pollution prevention and public health protection
  • Improve Transportation

The first years of the plan were very successful. Santa Monica was even recognized as a world wide role model for sustainability.

They are continuing the model with the plastic bag ban. The city of Santa Monica is making small changes, many small changes will eventually lead to big change. We can all make a difference.

Sustainable City Progress Report

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