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A Plague in Chi-raq

Violence in Chicago is becoming an epidemic. Everyday there is a victim from individuals with guns.
Violence in Chicago is becoming an epidemic. Everyday there is a victim from individuals with guns.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The recent violence in Chicago is now gaining national attention. There are places everywhere recognizing Chicago as Chi-raq. Chi-raq is a nickname that Chicago has earned due to many lives being lost in comparison to Iraq. It's like a war in Chicago many residents claim. Residents are seeking not only police protection that line the streets of Chicago, but also seeking attention from the National Guard. There is a life lost to violence almost every night in Chicago. Some weekends are named the bloodiest weekends in Chicago.

How do we curve the violence? This is an epidemic, a war, a lost vision. Innocent people are getting killed, innocent children are being murdered in whole classroom numbers. What is really going on? The neighborhoods are plagued with violence that's ending lives by the dozens. A plague is something horrible that covers the land. Dead bodies cover the streets of Chicago everyday.

We keep loosing our families and friends, our loved ones. Funeral homes are overcrowded, there are more dead bodies than there are live ones. There are more tears being shed and more memorials posted than there are garage sale signs.

How did Chicago turn into Chi-raq? Well lets see when the so called projects were tore down, and people who only knew the environments that they grew up in that was violent beyond belief were spread across Chicago, the plague across the land began.

Not everyone who lived in the projects were violent, but the one's who couldn't give up that life style tried blending in with the rest of the world and couldn't . Needless to say the deserted areas in some areas still remain, just like the deserted areas of Chicago streets when lives are lost. There are no words to explain how Chicago became Chi-raq. There are no answers to explain, only lives lost on a regular. Some blame the violence on gangs, ignorance, gun control, lost values and lost morals.

How do we reclaim Chicago and get rid of Chi-raq? How do we stop the killings of innocent children, mothers, fathers, people in general?

If you have a solution to abolishing Chi-raq please share. Put the guns down, stop the violence, the kids are saying "WE WANT TO LIVE, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT." Please No more lives lost to violence.

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