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A place deep laid gardens begin

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On Flinn Springs Road, north of I-8 off BLossom Valley Road, the many colors in the native ladnscape daily welcome in the customer lines at Evergreen Nursery. Deals made for home garden work keep San Diegans planning to build home workshop grade gardens going out the exits.

The 400 acres used to grow and sell landscape plants, and sell materials, found at El Cajon's wholesale nursery, and lots in Carmel Valley and Oceanside, give customers room to sepnd money on the layers built in the home garden. Topsoil, 1 to 2 cubis yards, sold at Evergeen can fill in a small 50 square foot garden 6 to 12 inches deep. Living gardens typically need the dark soil rich in organic material. Most yards in San Diego, after years of heavy grading and manufactured land fills, lost the natural soil. Dirt is not fit for garden rows.

San Diego's largest wholesale nursery sells Gro-Power to help gardeners beat their hard ground troubles. Wood shavings and gravel, off the nursery lot, layed on the soil keep damaging weather away. Full ranges of 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 15 gallon rows, color coded for price, give even the most beautiful gardener lots of plants to chose from. Locals who love gardens stand in lines at the nursery that grows the plants that make them "love San Diego."

Yellow card shrubs sell at a price a gardener planning to cover land at home can afford.

No one has to stay unprepared to plant a valencia orange tree, penny violas and strawberry fill. Trees stand everywhere on the lots. The gardener's crossroads stays filled with palm trees. A palmetto can grow in a yard closing.

Flowers turn up all the time. An Angel Face rose can say a lot in the back.

Shoppers can think a lot about the bests deal. Ones that only have time to pass throuh can simply drive through the park and shop. Getting the right garden growths near a parking spot takes little time out of a Winter season.

Evergreen Nursery makes the home gardens work easier. Landscape constractors check the price lists at the nursery before giving work quotes.

The most likeable, and natural, home work enterprise, with the nursery's help, makes home yards more beautiful. Large scale in San Diego county. Without the home workers leaving unpleasant yard waste laying around. Evergreen gives its customers store credit for bringing the green waste in for recycling.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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