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A Pinktastic talk with Sexy Kitten Kay Sera

"Sex Kitten" CD cover by Kitten Kay Sera.
Kitten Kay Sera

Who does not love the color PINK??? Well...none does PINK like Sexy Kitten Kay Sera! She is even listed in the Ripley's Believe it or NOT!

Sera's PINK Hollywood star is rising with her recently song/video release tilted "Sex Kitten" which is now available on iTunes.

I was able to catch up with the Pink Princess and chat about her new video, Beyoncé and all-things-PINK! Enjoy!

How did your song Sex Kitten come about?
"Sex Kitten" was written by myself, Kelly Kidd & Wolfram di Marco. We recorded it at Sunrise & Warner Brothers Studios. I wanted to do a song like nothing out there now! I never follow a crowd. I like to lead. I also like to do what is in my heart because I am ever changing. "Sex Kitten" has a vintage feel so I wanted a music video that matched the vibe of the song :)

When did Beyoncé get involved?
Beyoncé and I go way back.... I have actually known her since 1995. We both grew up in Houston and in our town. Most of the up and coming singers knew one another. I heard her demo and they heard mine & it was a mutual respect. Beys Dad, Matthew Knowles wanted to manage me but I already had a manager that I loved at the time so I politely declined. I am blessed to have Beyoncé on back up!

How did you ever wrangle the sexy Jordan Cappella to be in your video?
Haha! He IS sexy huh?! I met Jordan in 2010 on the set of the LOGO show "Pretty Hurts" which we were both featured on where we became fast friends. I love his accent and his personality & his look.
So when I was casting the part of my love interest. Well, it was a no brainer. I think he did an awesome job! I was thinking about possibly doing a sequel in my next music video.

What was your favorite thing about filming the video?
Seeing my vision come to life, I worked hard on the script and story line & hoped it would all come together and it DID! My heartfelt thanks to the directing team of Bleu & Ali Cotton of Bleu Cotton Photography and my amazing editor, FX and animation, Shannon Pope. They are the ones who made it happen. I love the whole crew. While we were shooting the music video a German TV Crew was filming us for a Behind The Scenes: Making of the Music Video of Kitten Kay Sera. I have a fan base in Germany who enjoys knowing what we are doing in Hollywood.

Watch the video of Sex Kitten here :

Watch the German Documentary here :

Have you been recognized on the street for being a magazine cover model?

I think pink is unforgettable - so yes!

Do you own clothing that is not PINK?
Oh heavens NO! I'm always "in the pink"!

When where you inducted into the Ripley’s Believe it or Not. What was the process? Did they come count everything you have?
I was in Ripley's Believe It Or Not Book 2013 Special Edition and they do verify the facts with an interview/video. I am the 1st Lady of PINK.

Is there one pink item you really would like to have?
Oh I am always wanting some new pink item but a 1957 Pink Thunderbird is high on the list. One of my fav cars!!

What is next for the Sexy Kitten Kay Sera?
I am pitching & producing my own reality show, also My Partner in Australia, Shannon Pope and I are working on an animated cartoon series with characters based on me & Kisses and our Pinktastic adventures. Oh and I pinky swear you will want to TOON in!!

Where can people keep in-touch with you?
Please join us on my Facebook page at: or

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