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A pill for beautiful hair?

Gwyneth claims that Viviscal saved her hair after an "unfortunate keratin incident."
Gwyneth claims that Viviscal saved her hair after an "unfortunate keratin incident."

In the August 2014 issue of Vogue magazine, mega-star Gwyneth Paltrow reveals some of her favorite beauty secrets.

Viviscal can grow your hair longer, thicker, faster.

Amongst them?

Unsurprisingly, she frequently gets her hair blown-out at a blow-out bar she invested in (which is located in celebrity personal trainer Tracy Andersons Brentwood, CA studio, natch).

“I use it a lot,” Paltrow confesses of the 20-minute smoothing service—which, along with regular blonding appointments with colorist Tracey Cunningham, help keep her hair looking flawless.

The other trick to keeping her abused, blonde hair as healthy as possible? Paltrow swears by a steady supply of Viviscal hair growth supplements, and depends on them to keep her colored, frequently heat-styled hair healthy and thick.

She even credits the dietary hair pills with the recent recovery from an “unfortunate Brazilian keratin” incident that left her with serious damage and breakage.

“It beyond works. I want to buy stock in that company,” she says emphatically. (After going on record with a glowing seal-of-approval like that, I wouldn't be surprised if she wakes up with a lifetime supply of Viviscal at her door the next morning, and a contract for an endorsement deal... with generous stock options.)

Gywneth isn't the only celeb to sing Viviscal's praises before.

Rob Kardashian also gave credit to the company a few years ago on Entertainment Tonight. “With Viviscal, it’s pretty much a supplement that’s 100% drug free that I take everyday alongside with my vitamins. It’s kinda just a fresh little reset button for me. I’m starting fresh, growing my hair out again and it’s never been as full as it is now.” Apparently introduced to the product by his sisters, he claims Viviscal is "life-changing".

How exactly does Viviscal cause these hair-growing miracles? Good question. Although their formula is patent protected, the manufacturer (Lifes2good) has spent 20 years combined on the research and development of this product. All ingredients are 100% drug-free, and it is a clinically proven formula.

How was Viviscal created? That's a question that can be answered more easily. In the 1980's a Scandanivian professor was doing research on the Inuits tribe, and noticed that they all had beautiful hair and skin. After further study, he concluded that these attributes were not just the result of genetics, and instead stemmed from their fish and protein rich diet. Eventually he was able to isolate the key protein molecules from the Inuit's diet, and from there the basis of Viviscal was created. (In addition to the key protein molecules, the current Viviscal formula also includes apple extract and biotin.)

What exactly does Viviscal do? Customers report that by using Viviscal, their hair, eye-lashes and nails grow quicker than usual, and seem healthier. Hair and eye-lashes will be less likely to fall out, and weak nails will become stronger. Some users even report a regrowth of hair in thin areas. (See: Rob Kardashian)

Ever since the professors discovery back in the eighties, Viviscal has been tried and tested worldwide and is now available at dermatologists offices, top hair salons, and trichology practices.

Sound too good to be true? It's OK, be skeptical! Just take these numbers into consideration: In 2011, Viviscal surveyed 1,100 customers regarding their hair-growing experience and results. Out of the 1,100 participants, 93% said they would recommend Viviscal to a friend.

Despite reports showing that Lifes2good already has a great, beloved product in their possession, they continue to run advanced clinical trials and scientific studies in order to further improve their product.

Viviscal is intended to be taken 2x a day, and a 30-days supply of the "professional" version (twice as potent as the version available at the drugstore) retails for $59. Maximum results are attained after 3-4 months of use, and Viviscal recommends new users take pictures of their hair, nails and lashes throughout the process to have a means to measure results.

Is Viviscal the secret to beautiful hair? With company like Gywneth, Vogue, and the Kardashians, we feel even more comfortable with our answer of a resounding "YES".

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