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Piece of europe on halstead

Interior Photo for Iguana Cafe
Interior Photo for Iguana Cafe

For times when Europe beckons but the money to grab a flight eludes there is always Iguana Café on Halstead Street. A soft lit space with large windows and high ceilings its character is undeniable. Complete with an iguana tank on an upper ledge there is a full bar and expansive food menu to satisfy the appetite. Their sandwiches and crepes are some preferred items but their chai latte is a perfect way to end a late evening as they are open until 12 am.

With its chill atmosphere, it is a haven for creating regulars and therefore not uncommon to see patrons with their laptops studying or even groups of friends sharing laughs. In fact, looking about will be a tour of the world as various global accents and languages can be overheard filling the room. Ample time is given here so expect no rush to order, eat or leave this restaurant. Most nights it is best to signal to the servers when you are ready to order or when you would like the check.

The soundtrack of this establishment also lends itself to an underground feeling with songs ranging from soft and soothing beats to up-tempo house. The music compliments Iguana’s lounge feel and provides an ideal backdrop for spending hours chatting with friends. A place bringing an easy breezy lifestyle to the United States even parking is easy as well as mass transit access with the blue line located across the street. So, grab some friends, share a dessert and sip on lattes making this place your own piece of Europe in Chicago on Halstead Street.