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A reporter interviews Lara

Alex Wigglesworth, a reporter for, interviewed Lara several weeks ago. The reporter chose several asexuals for an upcoming article about asexuality in the Philly area. The article has not appeared yet. Even though Lara is from Pennsylvania, she has never been to the city. However, that did not prevent Wigglesworth from asking pressing questions about this columnist's sexual orientation.

A Phildaelphia Cheesesteak
Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons LIcense

(Note to editors: I am deliberately dropping the use of the third person. It is awkward and repetitive.)

When I received Alex’s e-mail, I agreed. I wanted to learn what it's like to be on the other side of the notebook. I use my own notebook as a barrier between myself and the people I interview. I was also eager, as any web writer is, to engage in shameless self-promotion. I happily agreed to an interview.

I got home from work that night and made a phone call. Alex's opening questions made me think she wanted to write another asexuals exist story. I may be one of the few reporters covering asexuals issues, but it amazes me that people believe the existence of asexuals is news. David Jay started AVEN over a decade ago, the original version of this column is over four years old, and an episode of House, M.D. featured two supposed asexual characters. House’s “Better Half” episode still draws ire, even though Fox replaced the popular medical drama with Sleepy Hollow. Wigglesworth dropped the questions, and turned to other asexual issues. She asked questions about discrimination and corrective rape.

I have been covering asexual issues for several years, but I am not aware of a documented case of asexual discrimination. I also know of no documented cases of asexual victims of corrective rape. Sexual partners in asexual-sexual relationships often pressure the other partner into having sex. Swankivy told reporter a story about an incident that happened to her. The story appeared during the 2013 Asexual Awareness /Week.

All of this led to the impression that asexuals do not face real issues. It only means that a very small asexual media exists. A handful of people cannot cover everything that happens. Few people realize that asexuals have issues that go beyond navigating relationships.

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