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A PhD in pornography and a minor in assault

The offending Professor is on your right
The offending Professor is on your right
College of the Liberal Arts, The Pennsylvania State University

A University of California feminist studies professor has been caught on camera assaulting a minor on campus. (Video) Professor Mireille Miller-Young defender her violence by claiming she was “morally justified” to set a good example for her students by attacking those she disagrees with. It is possible she is trying to break the glass ceiling of prison inmates who are disproportionally male.

What exactly triggered professor Miller-Young to act the way she did? Was she personally assaulted, her class disrupted, or did the minor use a code word or “dog whistle” of insult to this person entrusted with the education of youth? No, the minor assaulted had the audacity to protest abortion on the same hallowed grounds professor Mireille teaches black studies, pornography and sex work. The minor, Thrin Short was protesting at the only place on campus that is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and thought in the “free speech area”. Not to be confused with the “gun free zones” or “no smoking zones” or even “no cell phone” library zones.

Is this the type of education parents expect their children to receive at the University of California? After responsible parents try to impart the lessons of fairness, equity and understanding then paying upwards of $50,000 (out of state) to have it all thrown aside to be taught violence is the answer? Whatever happened to the tolerance we are told is so important in today’s society? Aren’t we informed that pornography is harmful and degrading to women, so what type of feminist teaches pornography?

The type of feminist, like Professor Mireille Miller-Young who is paid a handsome $125,000 per year to teach pornography. She is the type of woman that is granted space in the New York Times. (NYT 06/16/13) The type of woman granted a voice on taxpayer supported NPR. (NPR 05/07/07) Appropriately since she is screwing the taxpayers of California out of their hard earned dollars she has written for $pread a magazine geared to sex workers.

So this is the type of education you can expect from the 41st rated college per US News and World Report. (UCSB) Professor Mireille is the type of teacher they hire to educate the 18,977 students enrolled there. This type of education is why Pink Floyd wrote “The Wall”.

We don't need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.

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