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A Petition to change leadership at 'Young and the Restless'

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There is a huge outcry for the Young and the Restless "TPTB" to fire Jill Farren Phelps, the Executive Producer. has the petition entitiled “Petition to The Young and The Restless Showrunners: Change Leadership and Restore Excellence.”

This outcry started when JFP was hired and has grown since Billy Miller was let go, many say because they needed the big salary to hire Steve Burton. Burton was given a honey of a deal with travel included so he can fly back and forth to Nashville where he and his family reside. They low balled Billy and he resented it and left. As he should! He is an Emmy winning actor who made Billy Abbott his own. They may never find his equal, they certainly messed up hiring David Tom and now Burgess Jenkins will try filling Billy’s huge shoes.

The next bad choice was when they fired Michael Muhney, who fans loved, on charges that have been unfounded to this day. Whether or not he made sexual overtures toward Hunter Hailey King (Summer Newman) have still not been proven as far as the viewers are concerned and they want Michael back. Again huge shoes to fill as Adam Newman.

The 1.5 million fans have even taken to also boycotting advertisers to prove their point. That may hit where it hurts. Here follows the petition

“We, the fans of The Young and The Restless, many of whom have invested 10-20-30-40 years into what was formerly the highest quality serial on daytime television, are deeply saddened with the current creative direction. Scattered and unrealistic plots, poor writing, inferior costuming and sets, odd casting decisions ... we are fed up with this new normal. CBS Daytime, Sony Pictures, & The Bell Dramatic Serial Company are ultimately responsible. Our pleas to Angelica McDaniel (CBS Daytime), Steven Kent (Sony Pictures Television), William Bell Jr. (The Bell Dramatic Serial Company), and Jill Farren Phelps (Y&R EP) have fallen on deaf ears. To ensure that our voices are heard we, the Y&R viewers, have informed the show sponsors that we are boycotting advertisers' products until serious changes are made to the leadership and direction of Y&R, effective immediately.”

The leadership has been lacking since these changes have been made and it is understandable that viewers are not happy. Since Ms. Phelps has the choice to hire and fire and also a hand in the how the storylines go as well as other areas we must assume she is the one making the mistakes. Step Up Ms Phelps and hear your viewers voices before it is too late.

Y&R can be seen weekdays on CBS at 12:30 p.m.

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