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A perspective on National Security

peace happens when we look beyond our boundaries
peace happens when we look beyond our boundaries
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  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHA! You are SO naive! You think if we just play nice with Osama bin Laden and Mahmoud "Israel is a stinking corpse" Ahmadinejad they won't want to kill us? If you give them money, they will just use to to pay more terrorists, enslave more women and kill more Americans. Foreign aid DOESN'T WORK; if it did, Africa and Haiti would be paradises.

    The problem is that the State has removed the individual's ability to defend him/herself and made them utterly reliant upon the State for protection - which the State fails to deliver. This creates a fearful, weak, panicky populace.

    And it is clear you are not a proponent of the philosophy of rugged individualism which made this country great: every article you write, especially this one, is about how best to spend other people's money. If you were as compassionate as you try to sound, you'd spend every free penny you have on charity, donations to Africa etc. Stop encouraging the State to steal more of people's income.

  • Monique 6 years ago

    We are a global community. Everything we do has impact around the world. I'm not at all suggesting we dont address the current challenges. Im not even suggesting i understand it all. However is it possible we take a more holistic approach. I know a little about poverty and it breeds rage and those who act out against the innocent. Starting schools and offering technologies and building cultural bridges can only support long term relationships for everyone. This is not a govement problem this is a world and human problem. Im not encouraging teh state to steal mone from the people. I"m encourageing the the poeple to insist our money be used for life affirming community building measures. One world, one people united for progress and the well being of all not just the regard individual.

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