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A personable approach to hiring apparel industry talent

Guy Chanin and his team hand select talent and guide apparel industry careers.
Guy Chanin and his team hand select talent and guide apparel industry careers.

Jobs in the apparel industry require a coupling of aptitude and attitude, says Guy Chanin, the founder of Gamechangers U.S. and former executive with notable companies including QuikSilver and Hybrid Apparel. He takes a personal approach to recruiting the talent that can help apparel companies thrive. Identifying a relevant skill set is step one.

Aptitude and Attitude

"The perfect candidate is the person who at least understands how to function within the craft. If you're in marketing, you clearly know marketing metrics and merchandising."

He next looks for the quality of working above the complacency that has settled over the industry. "I want to see someone's sense of urgency and that [she's] not afraid to challenge the status quo. That person can develop a skill set and be someone who has a great approach and head for the game."

Apparel Industry Hiring Trends

A cycling of talent has been occurring within the larger fashion industry and Guy sees companies trying to break out of what he calls a "homogenized talent pool."

"I'm talking to human resource managers who are weighing candidates from outside the apparel industry. Companies are trying to get rid of people who have an entitlement mentality and may be resting on successes they had in the '90s and early 2000s."

He saw a need in the marketplace for an approach to hiring talent that goes deeper than finalizing a transaction.

"I'll never turn away any candidate who calls me and asks for career advice even if I'm not the one who can place them. I tell them how to work on a resume, improve self promotion, and read intriguing books that have changed my life and helped with self development."

The right hire helps companies boost revenue and Guy says he helps execs develop quality relationships in the apparel industry with services like creative on-boarding.

Finding Talent via Tech

His website,, is a much-needed extension of his personal expertise that makes it possible to post resumes, research brands, and stay up-to-date on apparel industry news.

"It's a one-of-a-kind website", Guy says, and it's his way of connecting quality brands with quality men and women. He wants them to reach their career potential by helping the companies who hire them adapt with changes and stay on a profitable course. Connecting the right people with the right brands is Guy's vision of a win-win.

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