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A permanent minimum wage

This whole argument for and against a minimum wage is another war of greed versus necessity. Yet the minimum wage is always merely a bandage on a bleeding wound that needs to be permanently sutured. Any declaration of a minimum wage today is constantly eroded by inflation. A permanent minimum wage might look something like this: an annual raise tied to an inflation rate, an annual raise tied to a cost of living index, a calculation upon what economists might consider to be a livable wage index or some other permanent criteria. What is a certainty is that the current system simply does not work. Workers wait upon the whims of politicians whose campaigns are largely paid by those whose interests lie in keeping wage earners in poverty and themselves rich.

Take for example the country with the highest minimum wage in the world, Australia. There is a much larger middle class and Australia was the only wealthy country in the world not to go through the last recession. It pays off. But, in a bizarre suicide pact, greedy people will gladly shoot themselves in the foot rather than pay their workers higher wages. When employers make widgets for the middle class that their own workers cannot afford because the minimum wage is a disgrace, then we are all in trouble.

Love your neighbor as yourself means pay your neighbor as if you are paying yourself. Anything less is not a democracy but a dictatorship of the greedy, and the end result of greed is that it kills the greedy too.

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