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"A Perfect Weapon" explores life beyond government corruption

"A Perfect Weapon" is a neo-noir thriller that explores government sponsored research into mental and emotional conditions that could position a man, woman or child as a super-soldier on the battlefield. The story is billed as an homage to two amazing filmmakers, Tony Scott and Michael Mann, and one of greatest thriller/suspense writers of all-time, the recently deceased Tom Clancy. It’s a story that is sexy, gritty, compassionate, endearing and ruthless. The script has received exceptional reviews and was recently compared to the Coen sibling's Academy Award winning feature film, "No Country For Old Men."

A provocative neo-noir action thriller that will make you realize that you cannot trust anyone.
A provocative neo-noir action thriller that will make you realize that you cannot trust anyone.
A Perfect Weapon - a neo-noir thriller
AJ Bell

'A Perfect Weapon" synopsis/story

Shey, a disgraced US Marshal, is reinstated to apprehend Femi, an escaped female prisoner. Shey looks at the opportunity as a chance to redeem himself but his growing fascination with the coquettish felon blinds him to the fact that she is in fact a deadly killer. As his dogged pursuit continues and his fascination turns to obsession, Shey’s tenuous grip on reality gets a stunning wake-up call when he discovers that Femi's escape is part of a larger plan and she is in the final stages of grooming for a diabolical mission. Now, Shey is the only one who can stop her before her transformation is complete -- but should he, and will the powers-that-be allow him to succeed?

Who is in the movie?

"A Perfect Weapon" stars Alimi Ballard of "Numb3rs" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations;" Tehmina Sunny of "Argo," "Children of Men," "Mistresses" and "24: Live Another Day;" Rayna Tharani of "For Colored Girls" and Ravi Kapoor of "Crossing Jordan."

How YOU can help make the movie?

Crowdfunding independent films has become synonymous with funding the entire movie whether it's $5000 or $2 million dollars, like the recent projects by Zach Braff and Kristin Bell. "A Perfect Weapon" is taking a different approach. By aligning itself with proven production services companies, Kiss Hug Five Entertainment, the entity behind "A Perfect Weapon" plans to approach accredited film investors to secure the mid six-figure budget. Support by fans and colleagues will help fund the fees needed to create professional, industry standard investor proposals and submit them to solicit hard-money from established film investors.

To visit Prefundia and learn more about how your nominal investment can help, please click here...

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