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A Perfect Server at Chevys

If Chevys was a religious prophet, I’d crucify him. Blasphemously calling itself Mexican food, grease and a colorful menu render its true identity.

Nevertheless, this article is not dedicated to poor-excuse-for-Mexican-food-chains, but rather, a particular employee of a particular location. There appears to be a fixed notion within the tip culture: The job itself constitutes tips. Amazingly, a certain employee demonstrates that tips are earned by displaying excellence in one’s performance above and beyond what is required on paper, an iconoclast philosophy that has yet to reach the mainstream service mentality. Her name is Thalia and she works at the Chevys in Burbank. Either I caught her on a good day or she has perfected the craft of being the ‘sweet and swell waitress.’ This delightful restaurant professional does a fine job of providing immaculate service by being in tuned with her customers’ fundamental dining requirements.

With a gentle disposition and an unassuming mannerism, Ms. Thalia greets you with a soft smile and what appears to be genuine concern for your dining needs. She arrives promptly to take your orders and discreetly refills your glass at the slightest sign of nonfullness. You ask her for lemons on the side and she surprises you with a generous portion and another small plate filled with lime just in case your citrus intake needs variety. In between chewing and conversing she visits your table, not too early or too late, to ask if everything was up to par. Of course the check arrives a second or so right before it crosses your mind. And while many servers within the $10-$15 per entrée range operate with obvious perfunctory courtesy, Thalia bids you farewell with just enough hospitality without bashing you over the head with cliché phrases such as “it was a pleasure being your server, hope to see you again” and, my least favorite, “hope you enjoyed your meal and happy holidays.” Thalia’s verbal and body language make it clear that she is not in love in with you but that she expresses gratitude for your business.

I may be responsible for committing exaggeration due to being in such an elated state of customer euphoria, but, for whatever self-loathing reason you do decide to dine at the Chevys Fresh Mex in Burbank, do request Thalia if possible and I sincerely hope you will be treated the same. It is not her fault the food is repulsive. Why did I step in there in the first place? One of my family members has developed an unfathomable fancy towards their tamalito.

Visit Thalia at the Chevys in Burbank
701 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506



  • Rachel Your Friend 5 years ago

    You know the few times I've been to a Chevy's I haven't been that impressed. However, if they still do this, I love the in house made tortillas. Delishious.

  • PJ 5 years ago

    If the food is so bad why do I want to check out the restaurant now. I guess it's because good service is hard to find and you touched a place in the heart crying out for attention. I go crazy when I can't ever get anyone back to the table for water. So maybe Chevy's recieves one more customer,for one time, just so I can satisfy that inner longing for good service from someone like Thalia. Either Chevy's has a excellent eye for talent or God decided to bless them with her.