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'A Perfect Persecution' by James R. Lucas

In a world claiming to value life, how can their be so much death?
In a world claiming to value life, how can their be so much death?

Readers seeking a simple, feel-good novel: Beware.

In A Perfect Persecution, James Lucas looks to the future of American society and what he sees is not one of silver jump-suits and superior technology. He sees a society devoted to death. There is no more question, whether political or moral, in most humans minds about whether an unborn child is truly alive; no deliberations about killing individuals who are no longer physically or mentally capable of adding anything to their society. Death is forced on those who are the least capable of defending themselves against it. What is there justification? These individuals have no potential for advancing society. Period.

In Lucas's future world, there are few who still question this commonly held belief, and they have become the persecuted. Readers follow the story of individuals struggling to save life, wherever they find it, in a world that would rather destroy life, when it ceases to be of any use.

This book tells startling stories about abortion and other forms of forced termination that will chill the bones of even the most cynical reader. Readers are forced to experience a rather gruesome abortion attempt with one of the novels chief characters and feel the horrors of a man who, after a near fatal accident, has become a burden to society and is thusly being terminated.

A Perfect Persecution is a must read for all, no matter what their position on abortion. Lucas uses his future world to show how detrimental abortion is, not only to the babies it destroys, but to the society that allows it. It is a hard read, but it forces readers to come to terms with their abortion beliefs and challenges them to take a stand.