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A Perfect Night in Guthrie, Oklahoma….

Tipsy Artist
Tipsy Artist
Shelley Stutchman

Daughters are the best at taking care of their moms, when the roles are reversed, and mom needs to be the one taken care of. Ginger Stutchman Miller is one of those kinds of daughters. She planned a perfect night in Guthrie, Oklahoma for us.

It was a Friday night, and our first stop was to Gage’s Steak House. Gage’s is located in the heart of downtown Guthrie at 202 Harrison Ave. We stepped into the parlor of an antiquated but interesting building. We rode the elevator down, and the doors opened to a lively and friendly place. The first thing you see is the bar, and it was packed with people. Craig Tucker, the bartender is a master at mixing the perfect drink, or suggesting an impeccable wine. His personality draws the crowd together as he mixes and shakes. The Bloody Mary he makes is the best in Oklahoma, or maybe the world for that matter. My daughter asked him to choose a great wine for me. He poured me a glass of wine named, “Little Black Dress.” It was perfect.

Their menu has everything from comfort food to the best steak or seafood you can imagine. Their chef, Rob Ferris, creates your dish from the finest and freshest ingredients. No matter what you decide to order at Gage’s you can be guaranteed it will make your mouth water, and you will be back again. In fact, Gage’s will most likely become your favorite place to dine. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ronney Gage, add to your experience by making you feel like family with their warm smiles, generous hugs, and engaging conversation. For more information on Gage’s Steak House go to, or like them on Face Book.

Our next event for the evening was a night at the Tipsy Artist. The location for the Tipsy Artist is 124 W. Oklahoma. It was a nice evening, and my daughter suggested we leave our car parked in front of Gage’s Steak House and walk to our destination. It was only one block away. It was a pleasant stroll. She had purchased tickets for the two of us. I had my doubts about the event. I do not like crafts at all, but my daughter insisted. The project for the evening was to paint a picture of a wine bottle and wine glass. I liked that, a subject matter I enjoyed. The instructions and painting began. To my surprise, it was fun. Some of the people in the room painted remarkable pictures. The rest of us painted with delight, but not quite as much flair. I thought mine looked like grade school art or a piece by Picasso. I will go with the story it looked like a Picasso. I was pretty proud of it. My daughter was one of the artists with talent in the room. Hers was a masterpiece. For more information go to

The perfect night was not finished yet. We proceeded to the Vintage 89 Wine and Cocktail bar located at 121 W. Harrison Ave. It was a short walk and our car remained in front of Gage’s Steak House. My daughter did not want to put our paintings in the car; she wanted us to take them in and show our friends that were waiting for us. Two of my most wonderful friends joined us, Linda and Dan. They were having karaoke that night, and it was loud in the bar area.

We wanted to chit chat. We moved to the entrance, rearranged the couches, so we could talk, and displayed our two art pieces. The service was great, the wine very good, and the conversation and love that circled around the four of us was magic. Many people came from the bar to stop and chat with our little group. I think they could feel the love pouring from all of us, and they wanted that too. Do you remember the song, “All You Need is Love?” That proved true, because the love the four of us shared, shined so bright, people were drawn to come join us. They wanted to partake in a bit of the good vibrations, pouring from us, for their own energy forces.

One lady stopped to examine our art. She loved it and asked how much to buy each painting. I said, “$350.00.” I should have said $100.00, and I may have had a sale. The bartender, a young beautiful woman with a big heart found out I had a hurt deep in my soul. She got on the microphone and dedicated a song to me. Her voice and the sweetness of the music brought a tear to my eye. Before we knew it, it was 2 a.m. We were shocked the time had passed so quickly. None of us have closed a bar down in years. For more information go to

Next stop was at our hotel. It turned into slumber party and we talked until three a.m. It was a time of giggles and a time of heart-to-heart emotions to exchange.

That was a perfect night in Guthrie, Oklahoma. It was good therapy.

Get ready Guthrie, we will be back.

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