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A Perfect Getaway

Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster

A Perfect Getaway is one of those films that I was overjoyed to see. If it did hit a theater near you this summer, it wasn't there for long. And if you did see it, consider yourself part of a very lucky minority. The film is a suspense thriller that provides something many recent films of the same vein lack; the actual suspense. A Perfect Getaway is a handily crafted film that relies on good storytelling and superb acting rather than cheap thrills, and it pays off.

The film revolves around a couple who go to Hawaii for their Honeymoon, and meet another couple on their hiking trip. When news floods through that a couple were recently killed on an island close-by, everyone becomes suspicious of each other, and with characters emerging and disappearing all the time, it becomes clear no one is above suspicion, and paranoia soon sets in.

With no A-list actors on the roster, the film benefits from something high-profile thrillers are bogged down from. For some reason, A-list actors, or main characters in thrillers have this knack for making it to the end, unless the casting director decides they want some surprises in the mix. A Perfect Getaway instead contains talented and underrated B-listers that will make the audience point and say 'I know him/her from somewhere', but whose celebrity won't cause a huge distraction from the film's plot.

Timothy Olyplant, Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich and Marley Shelton are among the leads, and they all give fantastic performances. Olyplant flip-flops between menacing and endearing while Zahn goes from nerdy to suspicious. The point is that everyone could end up being two different people, and no one can be pinned down into a typecast role. The actors are all well-rounded and the audience can't help but get caught up in the confusion and mischief.

A Perfect Getaway is the type of film you will find in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart within three months. However, this is worth whatever you pay for it. The film is a truly refreshing take on the slasher film, and a high-point in a dying genre. Do yourself a favor. Rent this film and get swept up in A Perfect Getaway.


  • 6090 couchbum 5 years ago

    legit. i caught a few minutes of it and you make a good point about b-list actors having a huge influence on the plot. big names in suspense thrillers can definitely ruin the suspense, everyone knows jessica alba never dies, the black guy on the other hand.....(props to deep blue sea on changing that up, its the only memorable thing about the movie)
    solid review

  • Alex 5 years ago

    I was not so sure about this one but you have not let me down yet so i'll check it out.

  • Cormier 5 years ago

    I was actually quite surprised by how good this was when i saw it this summer. Mostly cause i find Milla Jovovich a terrible actress. But she didn't bog down the film at all for me.

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