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A perfect day to propose


A radio controlled air plane is always an option

Saturday July 26th is 'All or Nothing Day.'  This is one of those bizarre holidays that has been set aside for people who need such a day to do the things that really take everything they have within themselves.

Proposing to the person you love certainly qualifies as one of those events to which you should give everything you have.  That may mean all your courage, to face the possibility of rejection.  Or, it may mean some crazy, pull-out all the stops, stunt that your one true love will never forget.  There are all kinds of ways to propose, and only you know which is right for you. 

If you don't have a true love to propose to, then maybe Saturday is the day that you give meeting that special person an extra effort.  It's all or nothing day, take a flock shooting approach and ask every person of the persuasion attractive to you if they'd like to go on a date.

This Saturday July 26th is dedicated to giving things your all, and that includes your love life.  Take a big swallow of courage and go for it with gusto.

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