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A people’s public policy of hate, “Impeach Obama”, & taking heart

There can really be no doubt that we live in a most interconnected reality. However, some of the residents of that reality are as detached from it as they are hell-bent on tearing it down.

Taking in a broad cross-section of media is a telling experience.

Texas red’s dominant party political aspirants rail a hateful, mean-spirited diatribe to their followers in a style reminiscent of what history teaches has been used by psychotic paranoid schizophrenics across the spectrum of history. Strangely, no one seems offended.

Meanwhile, yesterday at the entrance to a busy post office in what is supposed to be an upscale, educated, diverse part of the city a couple of people had set up huge pictures of President Obama in a Hitler mustache. Protest signs stated that for undeclared reasons the president should be “impeached.”

I am no fan of Mr. Obama and believe in the first amendment. Questioning the stability of the people manning the protect station I didn’t approach. I would defend to the death their right to assemble, protest and petition.

Obviously, the protest didn’t bubble up sufficient curiosity or a compelling reason for me to do little more than give it a passing glance. I do note, however, that it is reflective of what is out there in social media.

The scary part is that while socially introverted moderates and liberals quietly discuss among themselves when political fortunes wane their counterparts are hateful, mean-spirited, dominating, controlling and most importantly, violent creatures of limited intellectual capacity.

These folks are like wounded animals, i.e. unsympathetic, in full survival mode and ready to strike at anything or anyone they deem a threat. Scarier still; these people have the right to vote and carry weapons.

Members of congress are passing some legislation but don’t let it fool you. Any semblance of bipartisan cooperation is an illusion. The slick, rock star wannabe, bootlicking lapdogs of the one-percent members of the millionaire’s club we call a congress are just insuring they keep their day job. So until at least November they’ll be in subdued mode.

The history of Texas is a brief, racist, violent one given to favoring its slave-state legacy. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the self-serving 30 or 60 second infomercials broadcast by candidates.

As we move ever closer to 2014’s mid-term elections, what should be obvious to you is the inevitable reclaiming of the US senate by right-wing zealots and capitalist extremists and the deafening roar of the status quo. The status quo is the important part of the equation because it favors the one-percent and more accurately the top one-tenth of one percent. The rest of us are just “surplus population” or distraction depending on your point of view.

Either way, given fracking, climate change and the prevalence of the misanthropic the outcome is predictable.

That the human race has out-lived any useful purpose it might possibly ever had had seems pretty much a given.

Fortunately, we are eagerly and energetically going about the task of bringing on our own demise and that is about all that gives heart.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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