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A Plethora of Music & Worship Styles in Nashville Churches

The Ryman Auditorium (formerly Grand Ole Opry House and Union Gospel Tabernacle)
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Nashville is a city with the distinction of being one of the largest musical hubs in the United States. With a variety to please every musical palette, Nashville has become so much more than the, "Home of Country Music." Today our fair city is mostly, and rightfully, known as "Music City USA."

Nashville boasts 10 million visitors each year, and country music is still a major attraction. Just a few blocks from lower Broad, where the sounds of talented street buskers and country music spilling out from the bars, sits the home of a different kind of musical genre altogether; the Nashville Symphony.

The Nashville Schermerhorn Center is the concert hall of one of America’s most active recording orchestras, the GRAMMY® Award-winning Nashville Symphony. Not only does Nashville’s 84-member orchestra play classical music, it offers pops, jazz, special events and family concerts as well.

Contemporary Christian as well as Southern Gospel music can be found at any number of venues, including churches. Nashville's music was once thought of strictly in country music terms, but in truth, today there is something for everyone.

Living in such a musically talented community makes it easy to find amazingly gifted musicians in any one of the 1,086 churches in Nashville's Davidson County, or in its surrounding counties. Being an integral part of what's known as the "Bible Belt," it is easy to understand the saying, "Nashville has a church on every corner."

The style of music offered during a church service might not matter to some, but most of us have definite musical likes and dislikes. Those who love country will navigate toward a church with gospel singing. Others, because of their age, hearing issues or simply their love for the old hymns, simply want to sing the old time favorites without having to divert from using the hymnals found in the church pew.

It is no secrete that today's trend is that both the young and the old are insisting on what they refer to as "contemporary worship services." These are the individuals who attest to modern music selections, or updated versions of the old hymns, being key in offering them the time they need to be able to set the world aside for a few moments as they find rest through an inner calming of their otherwise weary soul. Contemporary music worship settings seem to be the avenue in which more worshipers every day claim they find the freedom to enter whole heartedly into a time of rejoicing and worshiping God with mind, body and spirit.

Resident or visitor, no matter the denomination, musical preference or worship tastes, great music and great worship opportunities await the Christian seeker in Music City USA.


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