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A Peek Inside the Homes of America's Uber-Wealthy!

Chandelier Crystals
Chandelier Crystals
Liane Pruchnik

These are tough economic times to be sure. No area of the economy has been hit harder than the real estate market.

The wealthy of our country are even feeling the pinch and being forced to live in a “slightly” more frugal manner.

Ever wonder what kinds of homes America’s uber-wealthy reside in? Some of what you read might surprise you.

Warren Buffett – Most Unique!

Though he is the 3rd richest man in the world with an estimated $47 billion dollar fortune, he still lives in the same home he bought in 1958. Purchase Price: $31,500.00

George Lucas
The force is with him! Lucas lives in California in the famed Skywalker Ranch. Over 5,000 ACRES – it is both a live / work situation for Star Wars director.

Bill Gates
If you are visiting Medina Washington, make sure to stop by Bill’s 66,000 square foot compound. A dining room that seats 24, a 60 foot swimming pool and oh, you have to take an elevator just to get to the main floor! With a net worth of $53 billion he could have put in two elevators!

Michael Dell
Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Dell’s home, built in 1997 is sits on 20 acres and is over 33,000 square feet. But only 8 bedrooms? Watch out, overnight guests might have to share a room. With a net worth of $13.5 billion, Dell can certainly foot the bill for a few additions!

Enjoy this peek into luxury living? Could your residence be the next on this list? Comment below and share details of your fabulous abode. Large or small, it’s not about square footage – home is where the heart is.



  • Deborah 5 years ago

    It's always interesting to see how those more fortunate than you live . . . it would be interesting to do an article on the homes of sports athletes . . .

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