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A Peaceful Candlemas Blessing

Blessings on Candlemas
Blessings on Candlemas

Pagans everywhere have been busy celebrating and honoring Candlemas or Brigid. It is good too see that there is still a spirit alive across the world, one that honors the planet Earth or the Great Mother. Today is a moment in time, when practitioners of paganism start new prospects for the coming season. They begin new rituals to enhance their lives for the coming year, but also seek to bring harmony to their part of the cosmos.

As a member of the pagan community in Phoenix, AZ, I hope everyone has a peaceful Candlemas.

When asked by friends and colleagues what it means to be pagan, this is my most general answer.

"Pagans are earth centered in their beliefs. Pagans are also attempting to be in tune with nature, to be more in touch with the planet Earth. Since most modern paganism incorporates new and old world traditions, modern pagans have built cohesion that has formed into many modern collective groupings. These belief systems are similar to the other world religions, but in most ways they do not associate themselves with any modern Orthodox beliefs. To pagans their traditions and rituals become part of their history, each group being unique in its viewpoint of the world as it exists. Nature worship, ritual traditions and magic are key to the pagan beliefs on some level, but each are clearly pagan from analysis of their ideological outlook."

This is just one attempt to express my views of being pagan, it does not necessarily express the viewpoints of all members of paganism, as a whole. Most of us just wish to bring peace to a troubled world.

Blessed Be.