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“A Pawn Shop Becomes a Broadway-Style Production Show”

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(Photos by Pawn Shop Live)

Gold & Silver Pawn began as a real pawn shop in Las Vegas. The owners star in the History channel’s reality television program Pawn Stars and later transitioned into a Broadway-style production show at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.

This is one of the few pawn shops with seven actors, showgirls, puppets, special guests and even the cast of Pawn Stars when their schedules permit.

From a business to a reality show to a Las Vegas show, they made the transition quickly.

With their Las Vegas influence, Pawn Shop Live surprises audiences. Pawn Shop Live is a parody of the cast of Pawn Stars along with added fun, comedy and games.

Not just another game show, Pawn Shop Live touches on with audience participation.

Created by Las Vegas producer Derek Stonebarger, co-written and directed by Troy Heard, PAWN SHOP LIVE! Is a parody of Pawn Stars Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, Richard “The Old Man” Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

Of course the Pawn Stars still have unique items to discuss as business continues with their History Channel Pawn Stars on television.

Sometimes people bring in expensive collectables to the Pawn Stars. One man opened his Marilyn Monroe Playboy Magazine, the first issue with Marilyn on the cover. Marilyn posed nude before she became a star and her pictures were sold to Playboy. This was a $1,400 sale.

Another item, scrimshaw from the 1800’s was part of a whale’s tooth, an art form sailors used on their whaling ships. The scrimshaw was authenticated and said to be a whale book stamp with the name of ship.

Civil war guns were difficult to determine their value. Guns from 1861 to 1865 were sold for $1,500.

In contrast, a 1940’s Foxhole lighter only sold for $50.

You never know the right price until they decide or call their specialists to confirm the value.

Just watching the PAWN STARS television show is interesting and an education of how to look at collectables and other items.

Maybe you have something valuable in your garage?

Private Meet /Greet and general admission tickets are available for PAWN SHOP LIVE! Saturday to Thursday, at 4:30 pm., in the Riviera Hotel & Casino, 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

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