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A Paw Spa


Littleton is home to one of the top pet grooming salons in Colorado: A Paw Spa. This pet spa/boutique, personally owned and operated by experienced groomer Rina Stanley, has ended up at the top of numerous “best of”’ lists as voted by the local community.

A Paw Spa
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A Paw Spa has been providing quality grooming services since May of 2006, but Rina has been grooming our furry companions for almost 30 years. Every Grooming Preparation Specialist and staff member is personally trained by Rina herself to ensure the highest quality service and understanding of grooming practices. This dedication to quality services and customer care makes A Paw Spa stand out from the crowd.

The most notable benefit at A Paw Spa is the extensive experience shared among Rina and her staff. They demonstrate a thorough understanding of dogs and their behavior, as well as ways in which to make the animals comfortable in the grooming environment. A Paw Spa also provides services that many other groomers do not, including services for felines and aggressive or fearful animals.

Rina is considered a specialist when dealing with animals with behavioral problems, and believes that they deserve just as much pampering, love, and hygienic maintenance as every other pet. She ensures the safety of the animals and her staff by implementing safety measures and applying her years of experience to handling the animal. If other groomers won’t provide services for your pet, A Paw Spa will.

Rina’s love and understanding of animals carries over into every aspect of the spa. The holding area for the canine and feline clients has a temperature-controlled environment with fresh, circulating air. A Paw Spa also does not use heat dryers on their furry guests, as this could cause overheating and discomfort for the animals. There are no breed or size restrictions, so all cats and dogs are welcome!

In addition to quality services and a full-service self-serve bathing area, A Paw Spa sports a quaint boutique in the store front, displaying countless products for pampered pets. This boutique has everything one could need for a pet, from leashes and collars to bedding and gourmet treats.

A Paw Spa truly is a cut above the rest in the pet grooming industry. This pet spa provides A-list services without costing a fortune, all while providing excellent customer service and a friendly atmosphere.

Interested in learning more? Visit A Paw Spa’s website.

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