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A patriot evaluates incident at the Bundy ranch

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Weeks have passed since the showdown at the Bundy ranch in Nevada between the rancher along with his family and supporters within the patriot movement on one side, and armed federal snipers on the other. The unmistakable conclusion is that Bundy and the patriots won, and the Feds were forced by the circumstances, which were quite dangerous at the time, to withdraw and stand down.

There is no doubt that had the standoff continued, great tragedy would have ensued. The Feds would have, at some point, opened fire, killing multiple persons on the scene. There is historic precedent for this even in modern times, such as the Waco, Texas fiasco, and the cold blooded murders of the Weavers at Ruby Ridge by government jackbooted thugs.

Thus, the patriots won this skirmish in forcing the Feds to stand down. But a writer at Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) maintains that it is necessary to go far beyond the mantra, "We won," in order to evaluate and assess the exact details of what the patriots did right and how they could have done better, as well as to evaluate the actions of the Feds.

The writer begins by declaring that this was a political victory for the Bundys and the patriot movement. The vast importance of emphasizing "political victory" is key due to the fact that some within the liberty movement claim that the country is too far gone to expect political solutions to work. "It is much too late for that," as one patriot has stated repeatedly.

And, to be fair, he may turn out to be right. The victory at the Bundy ranch may be but an aberration, one small victory in the vast ocean of war between oppressive collectivist tyranny on one side and those citizens who value liberty on the other. However, at least in the view of the writer at WRSA, there is still much room for hope for the success of political solutions in other skirmishes that are sure to follow.

But at least in this case, the political solution worked. Victory at the Bundy ranch was a political victory. Defeat on the part of Harry Reid and politicians like him who are anti-freedom, was a political defeat. For at least two weeks Reid has been totally silent on this issue despite having referred to all liberty minded citizens as "domestic terrorists." In fact, the entire episode has been virtually removed from public discourse by the government and its mouthpiece, the mainstream media.

The only thing that has been said by government in two weeks came today when it was announced that the FBI is investigating the Bundy episode due to the fact that "there are reports that some of the patriots had their guns aimed at federal agents." Nevermind that government agents were sitting on a hilltop overlooking the patriots below with their sniper rifles ready to open fire on unsuspecting citizens.

This one aspect of the standoff alone provides a perfect illustration of what the patriots did right and what the Feds did wrong. The Feds never should have been there with sniper rifles pointed at American citizens. And the patriots exercised a most refreshing sense of restraint in the middle of it all. No one fired a shot at the federal agents in spite of the fact that government snipers were ready to kill them.

Thus, the manner in which the patriots conducted themselves was a lesson in how it is done when confronting an enemy that just happens to be your own government. They demonstrated restraint, level-headedness, wisdom, and amazing courage in the face of immense danger. This is why the writer at WRSA states that the steps taken by patriots at the Bundy ranch were political in nature. They were designed to put the political pressure on the federal government to withdraw from the area, which they did.

By the same token the actions of the Feds were entirely political. Had the snipers opened fire on the Bundys and their supporters they would have had a heavy price to pay in the court of public opinion. All of the latest polls indicate that over 60 percent of the public does not trust the government, particularly in this era of alarming government overreach in using the IRS to go after citizens based on their political views, the EPA robbing citizens of their land rights in order to save microscopic, blind bugs from extinction, and declaring Eminent Domain and seizing private property not for the good of the public but to then resell the land to corporations who then pay multibillions in taxes. These abuses are at the forefront of everyone's mind at the present time, and to add into the mix the cold blooded murder of a family that merely wants to be left alone to make a living would have caused an outcry unlike we have ever heard since the Civil War.

Harry Reid himself also knows that come 2016 he will be facing a reelection bid. If he goes into that campaign with the albatross of cold blooded murder on his record in his handling of the Bundys, his political career is over, done, finis. Even Reid is not so dumb as to ignore the political reality of that scenario. So, he backed down.

To be sure, there will be other clashes like the one in Nevada in other areas of the country. Not all of these should be fought or resisted, says the writer. The reason? While the heavy blue and red states are not to be written off, it may be an unwise use of resources to focus there. There is nothing to be gained politically by fighting those battles, and in the red states in particular, local politicians will make sure nothing like the Bundy clash takes place. In the blue states it would be highly unlikely for the Feds to stand down in a similar scenario given that they have the full support of state government and the citizens.

The key, says the writer, is to focus on the nine battleground states where we can make a distinct difference and where winning can effect the outcome of elections. Those states are Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These are the states where patriots can face off against the federal government leviathan and have a very good chance at forcing the Feds to back down.

One may well disagree with all or part of the writer's conclusions. But it is a thorough, in depth analysis of the incident at the Bundy ranch and is well worth the time to carefully read it all.

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